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The X-Files

The X-Files

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The X-Files Main Cast

David Duchovny David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully
Mitch Pileggi Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner
William B. Davis William B. Davis as Smoking Man
Robert Patrick Robert Patrick as John Doggett
Tom Braidwood Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohike
Bruce Harwood Bruce Harwood as John Fitzgerald Byers
Dean Haglund Dean Haglund as Richard 'Ringo' Langly
Annabeth Gish Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes
Nicholas Lea Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek

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The X-Files - Synopsis

"The X-Files" is an iconic sci-fi TV series that aired from 1993 to 2018, focusing on FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they investigate unexplained, often paranormal cases known as X-Files. Mulder believes in the supernatural and extraterrestrial, driven by the childhood abduction of his sister, while Scully, a skeptic and medical doctor, initially aims to debunk his theories. The series blends standalone "monster-of-the-week" episodes with a complex overarching narrative about government conspiracies and alien involvement on Earth, creating a compelling mix of horror, mystery, and science fiction elements.

The X-Files Show Details

  • Total number of seasons: 11
  • Total number of episodes: 218
  • Date first episode aired: 10 September 1993
  • Date final episode aired: 21 March 2018
  • Show status: Ended

The X-Files Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Pilot - FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are introduced as they investigate a series of mysterious deaths in Oregon, marking their first case involving potential alien abductions.
  2. Deep Throat - Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of an Air Force pilot and encounter a military base with advanced aircraft technology, possibly of extraterrestrial origin.
  3. Squeeze - The agents track a seemingly ageless serial killer with the ability to squeeze his body through very small spaces, who needs to kill five people every thirty years to maintain his youth.
  4. Conduit - Mulder becomes personally involved in a case in Iowa involving the disappearance of a teenage girl, which he believes is connected to his sister's abduction by aliens.
  5. The Jersey Devil - Investigating a homeless man's death in New Jersey, Mulder and Scully uncover legends of a humanoid creature and question whether it could be a real biological entity.
  6. Shadows - Mulder and Scully investigate a woman who is apparently able to communicate with the dead, leading them into a plot involving industrial espionage.
  7. Ghost in the Machine - A computer-controlled building's artificial intelligence commits murder to protect its existence, forcing the agents to deal with a non-human entity.
  8. Ice - In a claustrophobic episode, the agents are trapped in an Arctic research station with a team of scientists, where a parasitic worm drives people to homicidal madness.
  9. Space - The agents face a potential sabotage of a space shuttle mission and discover that one of the NASA personnel might be possessed by an alien consciousness.
  10. Fallen Angel - Mulder investigates a downed UFO and encounters Max Fenig, a UFO enthusiast, leading to a clash with a secretive government agency.
  11. Eve - Mulder and Scully uncover a government genetic experiment gone awry when they investigate two identical murders occurring simultaneously thousands of miles apart.
  12. Fire - The agents track a British arsonist with pyrokinetic abilities, who is targeting the former lovers of a woman he is obsessed with.
  13. Beyond the Sea - After Scully's father dies, she and Mulder investigate a death row inmate claiming to have psychic abilities, challenging Scully's skepticism.
  14. Gender Bender - A series of murders lead Mulder and Scully to a strange religious community, whose members can change gender at will.
  15. Lazarus - After a criminal's soul seemingly transfers into an FBI agent's body, the agents delve into the realms of near-death experiences and body possession.
  16. Young at Heart - A criminal Mulder helped incarcerate, who was presumed dead, returns with a new identity and a vendetta against Mulder.
  17. E.B.E. - Mulder and Scully chase a suspected extraterrestrial being across the country, uncovering layers of government conspiracy and deceit.
  18. Miracle Man - Investigating a faith healer whose patients start dying, the agents encounter the complexities of faith, miracles, and the power of belief.
  19. Shapes - The agents travel to a Montana reservation to investigate a murder, where they encounter Native American legends of werewolf-like creatures.
  20. Darkness Falls - Mulder and Scully are stranded in a remote forest where loggers have disappeared, facing a swarm of ancient, lethal insects.
  21. Tooms - The murderous, elastic Eugene Tooms is released from custody, leading Mulder and Scully to monitor his activities to prevent further killings.
  22. Born Again - Investigating the mysterious death of a police officer, the agents encounter a young girl who may be the reincarnation of a deceased policeman seeking revenge.
  23. Rolland - The agents investigate murders in a research lab and find that a mentally challenged janitor may be influenced by the disembodied mind of a deceased scientist.
  24. The Erlenmeyer Flask - In the season finale, Mulder's quest for the truth reaches new heights when he discovers a secret government experiment involving alien DNA.

The X-Files Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Little Green Men - Mulder's search for proof of extraterrestrial life continues after the X-Files are shut down, leading him to a radio telescope in Puerto Rico.
  2. The Host - A gruesome discovery in a New Jersey sewer brings Mulder and Scully to face a genetic mutation, resulting in a monstrous flukeworm.
  3. Blood - In a small town, electronic devices start displaying messages that induce people to commit violent acts, leading Mulder and Scully to investigate a potential government experiment.
  4. Sleepless - The agents explore a series of murders linked to a government experiment on sleep deprivation during the Vietnam War.
  5. Duane Barry - Mulder becomes involved with a former FBI agent turned hostage-taker who claims to be an alien abductee.
  6. Ascension - The continuation of Duane Barry's story leads to Scully's abduction, drastically altering the course of the series.
  7. 3 - Mulder investigates a series of vampire-like murders in Los Angeles, delving into the world of the undead.
  8. One Breath - Scully mysteriously reappears in a coma, and Mulder must confront his own beliefs and a government cover-up to save her.
  9. Firewalker - A deadly fungal organism is discovered during a volcanic research expedition, posing a threat to the team and the agents.
  10. Red Museum - The agents investigate a small town where a cult and beef hormones are connected to several unexplained incidents.
  11. Excelsis Dei - Mulder and Scully explore strange occurrences at a nursing home, involving alleged abuse and otherworldly forces.
  12. Aubrey - A detective's inexplicable visions about a decades-old crime lead the agents to uncover a genetic predisposition to violent behavior.
  13. Irresistible - A serial killer with a fetish for dead bodies draws Mulder and Scully into a disturbing case of psychological horror.
  14. Die Hand Die Verletzt - In a small town, the agents encounter dark forces and witchcraft revolving around the local school's faculty.
  15. Fresh Bones - At a Haitian refugee camp, the agents face the mystery of voodoo and a series of unexplained deaths.
  16. Colony - Mulder and Scully are drawn into a complex plot involving alien clones, assassinations, and Mulder's family history.
  17. End Game - The pursuit of an alien bounty hunter brings revelations about Scully's abduction and tests the agents' resolve.
  18. Fearful Symmetry - In an investigation of animal abductions and appearances, the agents uncover a connection to invisible alien experiments.
  19. Død Kalm - Trapped on a haunted ship, Mulder and Scully face rapid aging and a mystery from the depths of the Norwegian Sea.
  20. Humbug - Investigating a murder in a community of sideshow performers, the agents confront issues of normalcy and the bizarre.
  21. The Calusari - A series of accidents and deaths lead the agents to a case involving Romanian rituals and an evil presence targeting a young boy.
  22. F. Emasculata - When a contagion outbreak occurs in a prison, the agents confront government secrets and the ethics of public health.
  23. Soft Light - The agents investigate a scientist whose shadow has become a deadly trap, the result of a physics experiment gone wrong.
  24. Our Town - A cannibalistic cult in a small town is the focus of this investigation, revealing dark secrets and issues of mortality.
  25. Anasazi - In the season finale, Mulder discovers a tape with government secrets and faces a truth that could change everything, leading to a dramatic cliffhanger.

The X-Files Season 3 Episodes

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  1. The Blessing Way - As Mulder is nursed back to health by Navajo healers, Scully deals with a government investigation that threatens her career.
  2. Paper Clip - Mulder and Scully uncover a vast government conspiracy involving experiments on humans using extraterrestrial technology.
  3. D.P.O. - The agents investigate a series of lightning-related deaths and encounter a young man with the ability to control electricity.
  4. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose - A psychic with the ability to see how people will die assists Mulder and Scully in catching a serial killer targeting fortune tellers.
  5. The List - A death row inmate's vow to reincarnate and kill five men leads the agents into a complex investigation after his execution.
  6. 2Shy - A series of gruesome murders, where the victims are found desiccated, leads to a suspect who preys on overweight women through internet chat rooms.
  7. The Walk - A quadruple amputee veteran is suspected of committing murders through astral projection at a VA hospital.
  8. Oubliette - Mulder connects with a woman who might have a psychic connection to a kidnapped girl, based on her own past abduction trauma.
  9. Nisei - Mulder investigates a possible alien autopsy video and uncovers a secret train carrying extraterrestrial evidence.
  10. 731 - Scully delves deeper into the government conspiracy and comes across evidence of human experimentation while Mulder is trapped on the secret train.
  11. Revelations - A boy displaying stigmata and apparent healing powers is at the center of a case involving religious phenomena and a skeptical Scully.
  12. War of the Coprophages - In a small town, the agents investigate deaths seemingly caused by cockroaches, with Mulder encountering a scientist studying the insects.
  13. Syzygy - The bizarre behavior of teenagers in a small town coincides with a rare planetary alignment, leading to strange occurrences and murders.
  14. Grotesque - Mulder becomes obsessively involved in a case of an FBI profiler and a serial killer who claims to be possessed by a gargoyle-like creature.
  15. Piper Maru - The agents investigate a sunken World War II aircraft and a mysterious black oil, leading to a significant development in the alien conspiracy.
  16. Apocrypha - The black oil's connection to the government conspiracy deepens, with Krycek playing a pivotal role in the unfolding events.
  17. Pusher - Mulder and Scully pursue a man who can influence people's actions using only his voice, leading to a dangerous psychological game.
  18. Teso Dos Bichos - A South American burial urn's removal leads to a series of unexplained deaths and an ancient curse, revolving around spirit animals.
  19. Hell Money - A series of murders in San Francisco's Chinatown leads the agents to a deadly gambling ring where participants bet body parts for a chance to win a jackpot.
  20. Jose Chung's From Outer Space - A comical and surreal episode featuring multiple perspectives on an alien abduction, including a writer's attempt to document the case.
  21. Avatar - Assistant Director Skinner's personal life becomes the focus, involving a possible murder and a mysterious woman.
  22. Quagmire - Investigating a series of deaths in a lake, Mulder and Scully explore local legends of a sea monster named 'Big Blue.'
  23. Wetwired - The agents uncover a plot involving mind-altering television signals that lead to paranoia and hallucinations, impacting Scully.
  24. Talitha Cumi - The agents investigate a man with healing powers, leading to a confrontation with the Cigarette Smoking Man and revelations about Mulder's family.

The X-Files Season 4 Episodes

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  1. Herrenvolk - Mulder battles the alien bounty hunter to save his mother and learns more about the truth of the alien colonization project.
  2. Home - Mulder and Scully investigate the death of an infant with severe birth defects, leading them to a reclusive family with a dark secret.
  3. Teliko - The agents delve into a case involving the disappearances of several African American men and a rare pigmentary disorder.
  4. Unruhe - Psychic photographs provide clues in a case of a kidnapper who lobotomizes his victims, stirring a race against time to save the next one.
  5. The Field Where I Died - Mulder experiences past-life regression when investigating a cult leader, revealing deep connections to his own history.
  6. Sanguinarium - A series of gruesome murders in a cosmetic surgery clinic hints at witchcraft and dark rituals among the staff.
  7. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man - A look into the mysterious past of the Cigarette Smoking Man reveals his involvement in key historical events.
  8. Tunguska - Mulder and Krycek travel to Russia to investigate the source of the black oil, encountering danger and betrayal.
  9. Terma - The story of Tunguska continues, as Scully confronts a government conspiracy while Mulder fights to expose the truth about the black oil.
  10. Paper Hearts - Mulder re-investigates one of his old cases involving a serial killer, questioning his sister's abduction memories.
  11. El Mundo Gira - A series of strange deaths in a migrant worker community lead Mulder and Scully to a fungus causing fatal illnesses.
  12. Leonard Betts - A seemingly headless body leads to a shocking discovery about a man with a unique ability to regenerate his body parts.
  13. Never Again - Scully takes a personal journey, questioning her life choices, while investigating a man with a murderous tattoo.
  14. Memento Mori - Scully's cancer diagnosis leads the agents to uncover more about the government conspiracy and Scully's abduction.
  15. Kaddish - The agents explore a series of murders in a Jewish community, encountering a golem from Jewish folklore.
  16. Unrequited - An invisible Vietnam veteran targets military officials, leading the agents into a case of revenge and betrayal.
  17. Tempus Fugit - Mulder and Scully investigate a plane crash possibly linked to alien abduction and uncover a government cover-up.
  18. Max - The investigation into the plane crash continues, revealing more about Max Fenig and government secrets regarding UFOs.
  19. Synchrony - A case involving cryogenics and time travel surfaces when the agents encounter a man who seems to be from the future.
  20. Small Potatoes - A man with the ability to shape-shift causes chaos by impregnating women with his DNA, leading to a humorous yet poignant investigation.
  21. Zero Sum - Assistant Director Skinner makes a deal with the Cigarette Smoking Man, risking his career to cover up a case involving killer bees.
  22. Elegy - The agents investigate a series of deaths where the victims saw ghostly apparitions of themselves just before dying.
  23. Demons - Mulder's exploration into his past leads to disturbing revelations and puts Scully in danger as they uncover more about his family.
  24. Gethsemane - The season finale brings Mulder to a potentially groundbreaking discovery about extraterrestrial life, leading to a shocking conclusion.

The X-Files Season 5 Episodes

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  1. Redux - Mulder searches for the truth about his sister's abduction and Scully's cancer, confronting deep government conspiracies.
  2. Redux II - As Scully's health deteriorates, Mulder uncovers more about the government's involvement with alien technology and a cure for Scully's illness.
  3. Unusual Suspects - A flashback episode exploring the origins of The Lone Gunmen and their first encounter with Mulder.
  4. Detour - Mulder and Scully are stranded in the woods with an unseen predator that moves through the trees, testing their survival skills.
  5. The Post-Modern Prometheus - A modern-day Frankenstein story, filmed in black and white, involving genetic experiments in a small town.
  6. Christmas Carol - Scully investigates a mysterious phone call leading her to a case that could be connected to her deceased sister.
  7. Emily - Scully discovers a little girl who may be her daughter, leading to an emotional and complex case about alien-human hybrids.
  8. Kitsunegari - The return of "Pusher" Robert Modell, who can control people's actions with his mind, challenges Mulder and Scully once again.
  9. Schizogeny - The agents delve into a case involving a possibly sentient tree and a series of murders connected to a therapist and troubled teens.
  10. Chinga - Co-written by Stephen King, this episode involves a creepy doll causing people to harm themselves in a Maine town.
  11. Kill Switch - Mulder and Scully encounter a sentient AI developed by a reclusive computer genius, leading to a battle against a networked intelligence.
  12. Bad Blood - Told through conflicting perspectives of Mulder and Scully, this humorous episode deals with vampires in a small Texas town.
  13. Patient X - The discovery of a mass grave of alien bodies brings Mulder and Scully into contact with a group of alien abductees and a rebel faction of aliens.
  14. The Red and the Black - Scully's memories of her abduction are restored, and the conflict between the alien rebels and the Syndicate escalates.
  15. Travelers - A historical episode set in 1952, where a young Fox Mulder's first encounter with the X-Files and Arthur Dales is recounted.
  16. Mind's Eye - Mulder and Scully investigate a blind woman who may be a witness to a murder, uncovering her unique ability to see through the killer's eyes.
  17. All Souls - Scully faces a personal and emotional case involving the deaths of handicapped girls and questions of faith and demonic possession.
  18. The Pine Bluff Variant - Mulder infiltrates a terrorist group developing a bioweapon, leading to ethical and moral dilemmas regarding his undercover work.
  19. Folie à Deux - A seemingly delusional man takes hostages, claiming his boss is a monster, and Mulder begins to see the same monstrous figure.
  20. The End - The fifth season finale features a chess prodigy targeted by an assassin, leading to significant developments in the ongoing government conspiracy and alien storyline.

The X-Files Season 6 Episodes

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  1. The Beginning - Following the events of the movie, Mulder and Scully investigate a case that could prove the existence of aliens and a government cover-up.
  2. Drive - Mulder is taken hostage by a man who needs to keep moving west at high speeds to prevent his head from exploding.
  3. Triangle - Mulder finds himself on a 1939 ship caught in the Bermuda Triangle and faces Nazis, while Scully tries to rescue him in the present.
  4. Dreamland - A freak accident causes Mulder to switch bodies with a Man in Black, leading to humorous situations as they try to reverse it.
  5. Dreamland II - The body swap situation continues with Mulder living the life of a government agent and uncovering a UFO cover-up.
  6. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully get trapped in a haunted house with two playful ghosts who try to drive them insane.
  7. Terms of Endearment - Mulder and Scully track a man who may be a demon trying to father a normal human child while dealing with suburban occult practices.
  8. The Rain King - In a drought-stricken town, the agents encounter a man who can seemingly control the weather, leading to a love story.
  9. S.R. 819 - Assistant Director Skinner becomes mysteriously ill, leading Mulder and Scully to uncover a conspiracy involving a Senate resolution.
  10. Tithonus - Scully investigates a photographer who can predict deaths and encounters a man who has cheated death for over a century.
  11. Two Fathers - The return of Cassandra Spender escalates the Syndicate's plans, bringing Mulder and Scully closer to the truth about colonization.
  12. One Son - The alien conspiracy reaches a turning point, revealing the Syndicate's true intentions and leading to a climactic confrontation.
  13. Agua Mala - During a hurricane, Mulder and Scully are trapped in an apartment building with a sea creature lurking in the flooded waters.
  14. Monday - A woman experiences a time loop, repeatedly trying to prevent a bank explosion involving Mulder and Scully.
  15. Arcadia - Posing as a married couple, Mulder and Scully investigate mysterious disappearances in a too-perfect suburban community.
  16. Alpha - A dog expert and a mysterious canine creature become the focus of an investigation into several gruesome deaths.
  17. Trevor - A prison escapee with the ability to pass through solid matter seeks revenge and a reunion with his son.
  18. Milagro - A writer's obsession with Scully and his ability to influence reality through his novel complicates a murder investigation.
  19. The Unnatural - Mulder discovers a story about a baseball-playing alien in Roswell in the 1940s, blending history with extraterrestrial lore.
  20. Three of a Kind - Featuring The Lone Gunmen, this episode takes a comedic turn as they uncover a government plot at a Las Vegas electronics convention.
  21. Field Trip - Mulder and Scully become trapped in hallucinations caused by a mind-altering fungus, challenging their perception of reality.
  22. Biogenesis - The season finale revolves around a mysterious artifact with possible alien origins, leading to significant developments in the series' mythology.

The X-Files Season 7 Episodes

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  1. The Sixth Extinction - Mulder is afflicted with a deadly brain disease while Scully explores the connection between the disease and an extraterrestrial artifact.
  2. The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - Mulder experiences an alternate reality where he leads a normal life, while Scully and Skinner try to save him from a government conspiracy.
  3. Hungry - A unique perspective episode that focuses on a monster, a young man struggling with his compulsive, monstrous appetite for human brains.
  4. Millennium - Mulder and Scully team up with former FBI Agent Frank Black to prevent a group of Millennium Group members from bringing about the apocalypse.
  5. Rush - The agents investigate teenagers in a small town who can move at incredibly fast speeds, leading to a series of crimes and a tragic accident.
  6. The Goldberg Variation - Mulder and Scully investigate a man who seems to have incredible luck, which turns out to be a curse as much as a blessing.
  7. Orison - Donnie Pfaster, a death fetishist, escapes from prison, and Scully becomes his obsessive target once again.
  8. The Amazing Maleeni - A magician's seemingly impossible death leads Mulder and Scully into the world of magic and illusion.
  9. Signs and Wonders - The agents delve into a case involving a religious group, snakes, and mysterious deaths that challenge their own beliefs.
  10. Sein Und Zeit - A child's disappearance leads Mulder to confront painful memories about his sister's abduction, paralleling a mother's loss of her child.
  11. Closure - Mulder finally learns the truth about his sister's fate and comes to terms with her loss in an emotionally charged episode.
  12. X-Cops - A crossover with the TV show "Cops," this episode is shot in real-time as Mulder and Scully investigate a monster in Los Angeles.
  13. First Person Shooter - The agents enter the world of virtual reality gaming to stop a digital character who has started killing the players.
  14. Theef - A series of mysterious, revenge-driven murders lead Mulder and Scully to a man practicing old Appalachian hexcraft.
  15. En Ami - Scully embarks on a journey with the Cigarette Smoking Man to retrieve a cure for all diseases, facing a test of trust and betrayal.
  16. Chimera - Mulder investigates the disappearance of a woman in a seemingly perfect neighborhood, uncovering dark secrets and a mythical creature.
  17. All Things - A Scully-centric episode exploring themes of fate, connection, and the paths not taken, featuring a glimpse into her personal life.
  18. Brand X - A case involving tobacco companies leads Mulder and Scully to a lethal new strain of tobacco beetles and corporate cover-ups.
  19. Hollywood A.D. - Mulder and Scully find themselves the inspiration for a movie, leading to a humorous look at their own lives and careers.
  20. Fight Club - The agents encounter two women whose proximity causes chaos and violence, leading to a battle of doppelgangers.
  21. Je Souhaite - Mulder and Scully deal with a genie granting twisted wishes, leading to both comedic and tragic results.
  22. Requiem - In the season finale, the agents return to the scene of their first investigation, leading to a shocking cliffhanger and Scully's surprising news.

The X-Files Season 8 Episodes

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  1. Within - Scully and new partner, Agent Doggett, begin the search for the missing Mulder, delving into alien conspiracies and government cover-ups.
  2. Without - The search for Mulder continues in the Arizona desert, where an alien bounty hunter is also on his trail.
  3. Patience - Doggett and Scully investigate a series of murders that appear to be the work of a bat-like creature.
  4. Roadrunners - Scully, while investigating a cult in Utah, is kidnapped and discovers they worship a parasitic organism.
  5. Invocation - Doggett takes the lead on a case involving a missing boy who reappears ten years later, unchanged.
  6. Redrum - A man finds himself living his days in reverse after being accused of murdering his wife, seeking to change the events of his past.
  7. Via Negativa - Doggett and Skinner investigate a cult leader who can enter people's dreams and kill them in their sleep.
  8. Surekill - The agents investigate a murder case where the killer can see through walls, leading them into a world of corruption and betrayal.
  9. Salvage - A man made of metal seeks revenge on those he believes responsible for his condition, leading to a tragic confrontation.
  10. Badlaa - A mystically empowered Indian beggar seeks vengeance, capable of hiding inside his victims' bodies.
  11. The Gift - Doggett investigates a case Mulder was working on involving a man with healing powers and a dark secret.
  12. Medusa - In the Boston subway system, Scully and Doggett face a mysterious entity that turns its victims to stone.
  13. Per Manum - Scully's pregnancy is explored, revealing past events with Mulder and her fears about the baby's origins.
  14. This Is Not Happening - The possible return of several alien abductees brings hope for Mulder's rescue, leading to emotional conflicts.
  15. Deadalive - After Mulder's miraculous recovery, Scully and Doggett confront the mystery of his return and the presence of alien DNA.
  16. Three Words - Mulder's return to the FBI is complicated by his distrust of the government and a man with information about a conspiracy.
  17. Empedocles - Scully and Reyes investigate a series of murders connected to a man consumed by a demonic presence.
  18. Vienen - Mulder and Doggett confront an alien virus on an oil rig, leading to a clash with the government's agenda.
  19. Alone - Doggett and a new agent investigate a case that harkens back to Mulder and Scully's first encounter with the supernatural.
  20. Essence - The mystery of Scully's pregnancy deepens as Mulder and the team uncover a cloning project involving alien DNA.
  21. Existence - The season finale culminates with the birth of Scully's baby, amidst threats from alien replicants and a resolution to the season's overarching themes.

The X-Files Season 9 Episodes

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  1. Nothing Important Happened Today - Agent Doggett investigates the death of an EPA official, uncovering a conspiracy involving water contamination and super-soldiers.
  2. Nothing Important Happened Today II - The conspiracy deepens as Doggett and Reyes uncover more about the super-soldiers and Scully's son, William, who may be a key to their plans.
  3. Dæmonicus - Doggett and Reyes investigate a series of murders that appear to be satanic but discover a more disturbing psychological motive.
  4. 4-D - An investigation into a cop-killer leads to a suspect who can supposedly alter his dimensionality, impacting Doggett critically.
  5. Lord of the Flies - A teenager's death during a stunt for a reality TV show leads to the discovery of a bizarre insect-related phenomenon.
  6. Trust No 1 - Scully, Doggett, and Reyes are contacted by a mysterious informant claiming to have information about the super-soldiers and Mulder.
  7. John Doe - Doggett wakes up in Mexico with no memory of his identity, leading him on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.
  8. Hellbound - Reyes takes the lead on a case involving the reincarnation of souls who were skinned alive in the past, facing her own spiritual beliefs.
  9. Provenance - The story of William becomes more complex as Scully discovers a cult that believes her son is a prophetic figure.
  10. Providence - The search for William intensifies, leading to a confrontation with the cult and further revelations about his significance.
  11. Audrey Pauley - Reyes finds herself in a comatose state, communicating with others in a dreamlike version of the hospital.
  12. Underneath - Doggett confronts his past on a case involving a man he helped convict, who might be innocent and hiding a monstrous secret.
  13. Improbable - A playful episode where Reyes and Scully encounter a mysterious man who helps them on a serial killer case, touching on themes of chance and destiny.
  14. Scary Monsters - A boy's imagination becomes dangerously real, leading Doggett and Reyes to a small town where the line between reality and fantasy blurs.
  15. Jump the Shark - The Lone Gunmen team up with Doggett and Reyes to expose a bio-terrorist, leading to a heroic but tragic conclusion.
  16. William - A former Syndicate member offers a treatment to make William normal, forcing Scully to make a heartbreaking decision about her son.
  17. Release - Doggett solves the murder of his son with the help of a cadet with an uncanny ability to see the truth in cases.
  18. Sunshine Days - The agents investigate a man obsessed with "The Brady Bunch," whose house mysteriously mimics the TV show, leading to questions about reality and fantasy.
  19. The Truth - In the series finale, Mulder returns and is put on trial, encapsulating the series' major themes and culminating in a final revelation and a hopeful conclusion.

The X-Files Season 10 Episodes

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  1. My Struggle - Mulder and Scully are reunited after new evidence surfaces regarding alien abductions and a conspiracy involving human DNA manipulation.
  2. Founder's Mutation - Investigating a scientist's mysterious suicide, Mulder and Scully uncover a secret genetic experimentation program with ties to William, their son.
  3. Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster - A humorous and meta episode where Mulder and Scully investigate a series of strange attacks, leading to a meeting with a lizard-man creature.
  4. Home Again - Scully grapples with family issues following the death of her mother, while she and Mulder investigate the murder of a city official linked to a mysterious figure known as the "Trashman."
  5. Babylon - Mulder and Scully explore the power of belief and communication as they investigate a terrorist bombing, encountering Mulder's hallucinatory experiences.
  6. My Struggle II - The season finale sees a global pandemic threatening humanity, with Scully racing to find a cure and Mulder confronting the Cigarette Smoking Man.

The X-Files Season 11 Episodes

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  1. My Struggle III - Mulder and Scully face off against the Cigarette Smoking Man and his grand plan, while searching for their son, William.
  2. This - Mulder and Scully receive a mysterious message from their old friend Langly, leading them into a dangerous confrontation with Russian operatives.
  3. Plus One - The agents investigate a series of murders with a connection to a pair of twins who play a dangerous game that controls people's actions.
  4. The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat - An exploration of the Mandela Effect, where Mulder and Scully meet a man who insists their memories are being altered.
  5. Ghouli - A case involving seemingly monster attacks leads Mulder and Scully to a shocking discovery about their son, William.
  6. Kitten - Skinner goes missing after receiving a disturbing package, leading Mulder and Scully to uncover secrets from his past during the Vietnam War.
  7. Rm9sbG93ZXJz - In a largely dialogue-free episode, Mulder and Scully face off against increasingly aggressive technology in a sushi restaurant.
  8. Familiar - Mulder and Scully investigate the tragic death of a young boy, leading them into a town cursed by witchcraft and a sinister Mr. Chuckleteeth.
  9. Nothing Lasts Forever - A case involving organ harvesting and a cult obsessed with immortality tests Mulder and Scully's beliefs about life and faith.
  10. My Struggle IV - In the series finale, Mulder and Scully's journey culminates in a final confrontation with the Cigarette Smoking Man and a revelation about William. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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