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The Invaders - Synopsis

"The Invaders," a classic science fiction television series from the 1960s, tells a gripping tale of alien invasion and the struggle to expose it. The story centers around David Vincent, an architect, who becomes an unlikely hero after witnessing a UFO landing. Despite his credibility being constantly challenged, Vincent remains determined to thwart the alien threat.

The aliens, resembling humans but lacking emotions, aim to conquer Earth. They are vulnerable to high-pitched noises and have mutated little fingers, a crucial identifier. The series portrays Vincent's encounters with various individuals, some sympathetic to his cause, others skeptics or alien collaborators, highlighting the pervasive paranoia and uncertainty of the era.

As Vincent travels across America, he uncovers more about the alien agenda, which includes infiltrating society at all levels, from local government to high-ranking officials, in preparation for a large-scale invasion. His journey is fraught with danger, narrow escapes, and moments of despair when allies turn out to be enemies.

The show's narrative tension is amplified by its reflection of Cold War fears, tapping into the era's anxiety over unseen enemies within society. The Invaders uses its science fiction veneer to explore themes of trust, identity, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

Throughout its run, the series maintained a sense of urgency and moral complexity, as Vincent's quest was not just about fighting a foreign threat, but also about preserving humanity's values and freedoms. The Invaders, with its compelling storyline, character development, and thematic depth, remains a significant piece of television history, encapsulating the anxieties and hopes of its time.

The Invaders Show Details

The Invaders Main Cast

Roy Thinnes Roy Thinnes as David Vincent
Kent Smith Kent Smith as Edgar Scoville

The Invaders Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Beachhead - Architect David Vincent discovers a secret alien invasion when he witnesses a UFO landing.
  2. The Experiment - Vincent tries to rescue an Air Force colonel being used in an alien experiment.
  3. The Mutation - An alien's failed mutation leads Vincent to a small town where aliens are experimenting on humans.
  4. The Leeches - Vincent uncovers an alien plot to contaminate a town's water supply.
  5. Genesis - Vincent investigates an alien's involvement in an experimental fertility clinic.
  6. Vikor - An alien leader attempts to sabotage a peace conference in an effort to trigger a war.
  7. Nightmare - Vincent is captured and subjected to an alien brainwashing experiment.
  8. Doomsday Minus One - Vincent attempts to stop an alien plan to detonate a nuclear device.
  9. Quantity: Unknown - A mysterious alien crystal poses a threat to a military base.
  10. The Innocent - A young boy's life is endangered when he becomes aware of the alien invasion.
  11. The Ivy Curtain - Vincent infiltrates an alien training school to expose their plans.
  12. The Betrayed - Vincent tries to save a town being controlled by the aliens.
  13. Storm - An alien weapon causes extreme weather conditions, threatening a town.
  14. Panic - Vincent must stop an alien-induced plague from spreading.
  15. Moonshot - Vincent races to prevent an alien sabotage of a space mission.
  16. Wall of Crystal - A man's discovery of an alien crystal leads to perilous consequences.
  17. The Condemned - Vincent tries to protect a scientist who has developed a weapon against the aliens.

The Invaders Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Condition: Red - Vincent tries to stop the aliens from launching a devastating attack during a severe storm.
  2. The Saucer - Vincent investigates a UFO sighting in a small town, leading to a confrontation with the aliens.
  3. The Watchers - Vincent uncovers an alien plot to monitor and manipulate a scientific research facility.
  4. Valley of the Shadow - Vincent is caught in a small town where he discovers a significant alien presence.
  5. The Enemy - An alien leader seeks to undermine a vital defense project, putting Vincent on a collision course with him.
  6. The Trial - Vincent is put on trial by the aliens, who seek to discredit him permanently.
  7. The Spores - Vincent races to stop the aliens from using deadly spores to advance their invasion.
  8. Dark Outpost - Vincent investigates an alien base hidden within a remote mountain range.
  9. Summit Meeting Part I - Vincent tries to prevent the aliens from sabotaging an important international summit.
  10. Summit Meeting Part II - The summit continues, with Vincent working desperately to expose the alien infiltrators.
  11. The Prophet - Vincent confronts a charismatic figure who claims to have visions of the alien invasion.
  12. Labyrinth - Vincent is trapped in a town controlled by the aliens, struggling to find a way out.
  13. The Captive - An alien captive holds the key to thwarting an invasion, but Vincent must first win his trust.
  14. The Believers - Vincent encounters a group of people who, like him, are fighting against the alien invasion.
  15. The Ransom - Vincent must save a boy kidnapped by the aliens as part of a larger, sinister plan.
  16. Task Force - Vincent forms a task force to directly combat the alien threat, leading to a decisive confrontation.
  17. The Possessed - An alien experiment goes awry, leading to unexpected consequences for both humans and aliens.
  18. Counter-Attack - Vincent leads a daring counter-attack against a strategic alien operation.
  19. The Pit - Vincent discovers an alien plot involving a mysterious pit with unknown powers.
  20. The Organization - Vincent allies with a criminal organization to thwart an alien plan.
  21. The Peacemaker - Vincent tries to protect a diplomat who is targeted by the aliens for his peace efforts.
  22. The Vise - Vincent is caught in a dangerous situation as he gets closer to exposing the aliens.
  23. The Miracle - A supposed miracle has alien origins, and Vincent must uncover the truth behind it.
  24. The Life Seekers - Vincent encounters aliens who claim to seek a peaceful coexistence with humans.
  25. The Pursued - Vincent aids a woman being pursued by the aliens for her knowledge of their plans.
  26. Inquisition - In the series finale, Vincent faces his greatest challenge in his fight against the alien invasion. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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