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The 100 - Synopsis

"The 100" is a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series based on Kass Morgan's book series. It begins nearly a century after a nuclear apocalypse, where the last survivors of humanity live on a space station called the Ark. Facing overpopulation and scarce resources, the Ark's leadership sends 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth to check if it's habitable.

Initially, the series focuses on the challenges these 100 face upon landing on Earth, including survival, internal conflicts, and unknown dangers like mutated animals and Grounders - Earth's survivors. The story quickly evolves into a complex narrative involving survival, moral dilemmas, and power struggles.

As the show progresses, it explores the intricate politics and cultures of the Grounders, the arrival of Ark survivors on Earth, and alliances formed to confront external threats like the Mountain Men. The introduction of an artificial intelligence named A.L.I.E., responsible for the initial apocalypse, adds a layer of technological intrigue and raises questions about humanity's reliance on technology.

Later seasons depict the survivors preparing for a second nuclear apocalypse, dealing with new enemies, shifting loyalties, and the challenges of adapting to a new habitable world, Sanctum. The series culminates in a philosophical exploration of humanity, redemption, and the possibility of transcendence, as the characters confront a militant group from another world and discover an interstellar war.

Throughout its run, "The 100" has been noted for its character development, moral complexity, and handling of dark themes. It examines the spectrum of human behavior and the difficult choices necessary for survival, garnering praise for its diverse cast and representation of complex characters. However, it has also faced criticism for certain plot decisions and its approach to sensitive issues. Overall, the show offers a thought-provoking journey, questioning the essence of humanity in a world where survival is a constant challenge.

The 100 Show Details

The 100 Main Cast

Eliza Taylor Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Bob Morley Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
Marie Avgeropoulos Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
Isaiah Washington Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha
Lindsey Morgan Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
Richard Harmon Richard Harmon as John Murphy
Paige Turco Paige Turco as Dr. Abigail Griffin
Henry Ian Cusick Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane
Christopher Larkin Christopher Larkin as Monty Green
Jarod Joseph Jarod Joseph as Nathan Miller
Sachin Sahel Sachen Sahel as Dr. Eric Jackson
Devon Bostick Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan

The 100 Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Pilot - The 100 juvenile delinquents are sent to Earth to see if it's habitable.
  2. Earth Skills - The group on the ground seeks supplies, while those on the Ark face their own problems.
  3. Earth Kills - A toxic fog forces Clarke, Finn, and Wells to seek shelter with an unlikely companion.
  4. Murphy's Law - After a tragic event, the camp's food supply is at risk, prompting new rules and a manhunt.
  5. Twilight's Last Gleaming - Clarke's message complicates the situation on the Ark as everyone prepares for the culling.
  6. His Sister's Keeper - Bellamy leads a rescue mission, while flashbacks reveal his and Octavia's difficult past.
  7. Contents Under Pressure - Clarke and Raven connect with the Ark, while tensions rise during a hostage situation.
  8. Day Trip - Clarke and Bellamy go on a supply mission, while hallucinogenic nuts cause chaos in the camp.
  9. Unity Day - The Ark and the 100 celebrate Unity Day, but the celebration is short-lived.
  10. I Am Become Death - Murphy returns to the camp, bringing a deadly threat that changes everything.
  11. The Calm - A hunt for food leads to a new threat, and a strategic move by Clarke sets off a tense showdown.
  12. We Are Grounders, Part 1 - The Grounders attack, leading to life-changing decisions and a desperate fight for survival.
  13. We Are Grounders, Part 2 - In the season finale, a dangerous face-off tests the limits of the newly formed community.

The 100 Season 2 Episodes

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  1. The 48 - Clarke finds herself trapped in Mount Weather, uncertain about the intentions of its inhabitants.
  2. Inclement Weather - Clarke grows suspicious of President Wallace, and Octavia is tasked with making a difficult decision.
  3. Reapercussions - Clarke makes a shocking discovery; Kane takes a stand against the council on the Ark.
  4. Many Happy Returns - The group faces several challenges as they struggle to return to their people.
  5. Human Trials - Kane leads a mission to make peace with the Grounders; Clarke comes face to face with Finn's new, violent side.
  6. Fog of War - Tensions rise as Clarke and Lexa encounter a new enemy; Raven's leadership is tested.
  7. Long Into an Abyss - A bold move by Clarke could change the tide of war; Bellamy and Lincoln work together against the Mountain Men.
  8. Spacewalker - Flashbacks reveal Finn's past; the Ark survivors face a moral dilemma.
  9. Remember Me - Clarke strikes a deal with Lexa and Indra; a celebration leads to unexpected turmoil.
  10. Survival of the Fittest - Clarke and Lexa face a deadly creature; a new threat emerges within Mount Weather.
  11. Coup de Grâce - Bellamy makes a risky move in an attempt to save Jasper; tensions mount between Clarke and Abby.
  12. Rubicón - Clarke is faced with a difficult choice and Raven helps Bellamy navigate Mount Weather as tensions rise.
  13. Resurrection - In the aftermath of a devastating attack, the Ark survivors and Grounders struggle to recover.
  14. Bodyguard of Lies - Bellamy and Lincoln's attempt to sneak into Mount Weather has unexpected results.
  15. Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1 - Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle, while Raven and Wick face a critical setback.
  16. Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2 - In the season finale, sacrifices are made as Clarke and her friends try to prevent a disaster.

The 100 Season 3 Episodes

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  1. Wanheda: Part One - Three months after the events at Mount Weather, Clarke is on the run and pursued by bounty hunters.
  2. Wanheda: Part Two - Bellamy and Kane lead a team to rescue Clarke, who has a bounty on her head.
  3. Ye Who Enter Here - Clarke is brought to Lexa, and a summit of the clans leads to a fateful decision.
  4. Watch the Thrones - Political intrigue escalates, leading to a challenge for leadership within the Grounders.
  5. Hakeldama - Clarke's hope for peace is dashed by a new threat. Raven becomes a target.
  6. Bitter Harvest - Clarke and Lexa deal with a new enemy. A betrayal within Arkadia has devastating consequences.
  7. Thirteen - The history of the Grounders is revealed, and a shocking discovery is made at Arkadia.
  8. Terms and Conditions - Kane leads a mission to challenge Pike's authority, and Clarke's leadership is questioned.
  9. Stealing Fire - Clarke and her allies make a plan to defeat ALIE, leading to a risky heist.
  10. Fallen - Bellamy faces his actions, while ALIE's influence over Arkadia grows.
  11. Nevermore - The group tries to save Raven from ALIE's control, leading to an intense confrontation.
  12. Demons - A return to Arkadia leads to a haunting discovery. The fight against ALIE intensifies.
  13. Join or Die - The group faces a difficult decision, and flashbacks reveal Pike's history.
  14. Red Sky at Morning - Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia devise a plan to defeat ALIE, while Jaha takes a drastic step.
  15. Perverse Instantiation: Part One - Clarke and her group prepare for a final showdown with ALIE.
  16. Perverse Instantiation: Part Two - In the season finale, Clarke and her friends face off against ALIE in a battle for humanity's future.

The 100 Season 4 Episodes

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  1. Echoes - In the aftermath of the City of Light, Clarke and her friends struggle with how to proceed when the world's end is confirmed.
  2. Heavy Lies the Crown - The burden of leadership weighs on Clarke and Bellamy when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die.
  3. The Four Horsemen - Jaha leads Clarke and Bellamy on a quest to find a safe haven, while tensions rise in Arkadia and Polis.
  4. A Lie Guarded - Clarke's leadership is threatened when her plans for survival lead to controversy, and Jasper and Bellamy go on a quest.
  5. The Tinder Box - Clarke makes a desperate plea to avoid a conflict between the clans, and Octavia finds herself in a dire situation.
  6. We Will Rise - Clarke and Roan must work together in hostile territory in order to deliver an invaluable asset to Abby and her team.
  7. Gimme Shelter - A radioactive storm forces the group to make difficult decisions to ensure their survival.
  8. God Complex - Jaha and Kane disagree on how to handle their grim reality, and Clarke leads a group to save a friend.
  9. DNR - Jasper's actions lead to a drastic change in Arkadia's leadership, and Clarke continues to search for ways to save the planet.
  10. Die All, Die Merrily - A battle for survival ensues, requiring the participants to confront their past decisions and present desires.
  11. The Other Side - Clarke faces the consequences of her fateful choice, and Bellamy prepares to put everything on the line.
  12. The Chosen - In a race against time, Clarke and her friends face impossible decisions for the survival of the remaining population.
  13. Praimfaya - In the season finale, the fight for survival reaches a climax as a dangerous threat looms over those left standing.

The 100 Season 5 Episodes

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  1. Eden - Clarke struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched Earth while her friends in space come across a long-awaited beacon of hope.
  2. Red Queen - Octavia is forced to take guidance from an unlikely ally when the future of the bunker and all those inside it is jeopardized.
  3. Sleeping Giants - Bellamy leads the charge investigating a potential way home. Meanwhile, Clarke and Madi deal with the new, uncertain threat to their home.
  4. Pandora's Box - Bellamy and Clarke face tough decisions as Echo confronts her past; the fight for the bunker takes a dire turn.
  5. Shifting Sands - Octavia leads her people into war. While behind enemy lines, our heroes must overcome their differences to save Wonkru from extinction.
  6. Exit Wounds - Kane’s attempt to prove himself useful tests Wonkru’s allegiance to Octavia. Madi faces an unexpected threat inside Wonkru, forcing Clarke to make an unlikely ally.
  7. Acceptable Losses - Clarke and Bellamy make a startling discovery about Wonkru’s battle plans; Echo risks her friendship with Raven to complete her mission.
  8. How We Get to Peace - Clarke’s determination to protect Madi puts Bellamy in an impossible position.
  9. Sic Semper Tyrannis - The growing fractures in Wonkru threaten to explode once and for all. Bellamy and Clarke butt heads over how to handle Wonkru’s insurrection.
  10. The Warriors Will - Monty strives to show Wonkru an alternative to war, and to the valley itself. Meanwhile, Abby’s health continues to deteriorate, along with McCreary’s patience.
  11. The Dark Year - As Clarke races to save Abby, she learns more about the trials and tribulations Wonkru faced in the bunker, and the impossible decisions they were forced to make in the dark year.
  12. Damocles – Part One - Octavia leads her people into war. While behind enemy lines, our heroes must overcome their differences to save Wonkru from extinction.
  13. Damocles – Part Two - In the season finale, Clarke and her friends must risk everything to fight one last battle for survival, only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on Earth.

The 100 Season 6 Episodes

Watch Season 6 on Prime | Buy The 100 Complete Series on DVD | Buy Season 6 on Blu-Ray
  1. Sanctum - Still reeling after the events of the previous season, Clarke and her friends attempt to build a new life on a new planet, Sanctum.
  2. Red Sun Rising - The team on the ground fights to survive in a hostile environment. Mysterious hallucinations threaten their sanity.
  3. The Children of Gabriel - Clarke and Bellamy discover a new threat while Octavia makes a daring move in her quest for survival.
  4. The Face Behind the Glass - Clarke embraces the traditions of Sanctum and tries to make amends for her past actions.
  5. The Gospel of Josephine - Clarke's past catches up to her as she faces a new enemy. Bellamy and Octavia are at odds over their next move.
  6. Memento Mori - Diyoza learns more about the mysterious Children of Gabriel, while old grudges resurface among the group.
  7. Nevermind - Clarke finds herself in a mind-bending battle for survival, facing her deepest fears and regrets.
  8. The Old Man and the Anomaly - Octavia is on a quest for redemption, while the others must confront the harsh reality of their situation.
  9. What You Take With You - Kane's future hangs in the balance. Octavia faces the consequences of her actions.
  10. Matryoshka - Clarke and her friends find themselves in a race against time as they battle a new foe in Sanctum.
  11. Ashes to Ashes - Bellamy and Octavia must work together to save their friends. Echo is forced to confront her past.
  12. Adjustment Protocol - A major revelation comes to light, putting the fate of Sanctum and its inhabitants at risk.
  13. The Blood of Sanctum - In the season finale, Clarke and her friends face off against the Sanctum leaders in a fight for their lives and the future of their new home.

The 100 Season 7 Episodes

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  1. From the Ashes - Clarke and her friends attempt to rebuild Sanctum as a new threat rises in the woods.
  2. The Garden - Echo and Gabriel learn more about Hope and her mysterious past, and the anomaly's secrets continue to unfold.
  3. False Gods - Raven faces an unexpected threat, and Clarke must keep the peace among opposing factions in Sanctum.
  4. Hesperides - Mysterious outsiders arrive with news of Clarke's missing people, leading to a new mission.
  5. Welcome to Bardo - Octavia gets to know a whole new world, while Bellamy and Clarke face their own challenges.
  6. Nakara - Clarke's group finds themselves on a planet of icy darkness, uncovering truths about the Disciples.
  7. The Queen's Gambit - Emori tries to heal Sanctum's old familial wounds while Echo and her friends face a new foe.
  8. Anaconda - The origins of the Second Dawn are revealed, shedding light on the past and the future.
  9. The Flock - Clarke and her friends find themselves in the heart of enemy territory as they try to learn more about their foes.
  10. A Little Sacrifice - Sheidheda makes his move, and the heroes must confront a potentially devastating betrayal.
  11. Etherea - Bellamy's journey takes an unexpected turn, revealing dark secrets and a new threat.
  12. The Stranger - Clarke confronts a new adversary, as a familiar face fights for survival on Bardo.
  13. Blood Giant - A dangerous confrontation threatens to tear Sanctum apart, and Clarke faces a heartbreaking decision.
  14. A Sort of Homecoming - Clarke and her friends reckon with all that has happened only to find an unexpected threat looming.
  15. The Dying of the Light - The race to save one of their own has dire consequences, leading to a devastating choice.
  16. The Last War - In the series finale, the battle for humanity's future reaches its epic conclusion. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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