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Stargate: Universe - Synopsis

"Stargate Universe" is a science fiction television series, a part of the "Stargate" franchise, that aired from 2009 to 2011. Unlike its predecessors "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis," which focused on exploration and military operations against hostile alien threats, "Stargate Universe" adopts a darker, more character-driven narrative, centering on the challenges of survival, interpersonal dynamics, and the exploration of the unknown.

The series begins with a group of soldiers, scientists, and civilians who are forced to evacuate their base—the Icarus Base—after it comes under attack. In the heat of the moment, they use the Stargate to dial a nine-chevron address, a function of the Stargate previously unknown. This action propels them aboard an ancient ship named the Destiny, located several billion light-years from Earth. The ship, constructed and launched by the Ancients, is on a pre-programmed course through the universe, with its mission shrouded in mystery.

Dr. Nicholas Rush, portrayed by Robert Carlyle, is a brilliant but manipulative scientist whose motives are often in question. He becomes a central figure in unraveling the secrets of the Destiny and its true mission. Colonel Everett Young, played by Louis Ferreira, is the highest-ranking military officer aboard and assumes the role of the leader, often clashing with Rush over the best course of action.

The series explores the trials of the unwilling crew as they grapple with the ship's failing systems, limited supplies, and the unknown dangers of deep space. Unlike the other series in the franchise, they are not equipped with the knowledge or resources typically available to SG teams, making their situation more precarious and their survival more uncertain.

"Stargate Universe" delves deeply into the characters' personal struggles and moral dilemmas. The isolation and hopelessness of their situation weigh heavily, leading to intense personal conflicts, power struggles, and questions of leadership and governance.

The series introduces new elements to the Stargate mythology, including the concept of the Cosmic Background Radiation pattern, which is believed to be a message or code woven into the fabric of the universe. The Destiny's journey is revealed to be linked to this profound mystery, adding a philosophical and existential layer to the show.

Throughout its run, "Stargate Universe" maintained a focus on character development and emotional storytelling, with less emphasis on the episodic, mission-based structure of its predecessors. It received praise for its cinematography, darker tone, and complex characters but faced criticism from some fans for its departure from the traditional "Stargate" formula.

The series was canceled after two seasons, ending on a cliffhanger that left many storylines unresolved. Despite its premature conclusion, "Stargate Universe" has been appreciated for its unique approach to the franchise, exploring the depths of human resilience and the mysteries of the universe.

Stargate: Universe Show Details

Stargate: Universe Main Cast

Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush
Louis Ferreira Louis Ferreira as Colonel Everett Young
Brian J. Smith Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott
Elyse Levesque Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong
David Blue David Blue as Eli Wallace
Alaina Huffman Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen
Jamil Walker Smith Jamil Walker Smith as Master Sgt. Ronald Greer
Peter Kelamis Peter Kelamis as Adam Brody
Patrick Gilmore Patrick Gilmore as Dr. Dale Volker
Jennifer Spence Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park
Julia Benson Julia Benson as 2nd Lt. Vanessa James
Ming-Na Wen Ming-Na Wen as Camile Wray

Stargate: Universe Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Air, Part 1 - After an attack on a secret off-world base, a group of soldiers and civilians are forced to gate to an ancient ship called the Destiny.
  2. Air, Part 2 - Stranded on the Destiny, the crew discovers that the ship's life support is failing and they need to fix it to survive.
  3. Air, Part 3 - Dr. Rush and Col. Young, along with a team, visit a desert planet in search of a mineral necessary to fix the ship's failing air systems.
  4. Darkness - The Destiny experiences a power failure, and the crew must deal with the ship's darkened and increasingly deteriorating conditions.
  5. Light - With only a few hours of power left, the crew pins its hopes on a lottery system to escape the ship on a potentially habitable planet.
  6. Water - Lt. Scott and a small team search for much-needed water on a frozen planet to replenish the Destiny's reserves.
  7. Earth - Some members of the crew use the Ancient communication stones to visit Earth and find tensions rising both on the ship and back home.
  8. Time - A mysterious illness strikes the crew, and a risky plan involving a time loop is devised to uncover the cause.
  9. Life - The crew explores the ship's recreational room while Dr. Rush makes a secretive discovery about Destiny's systems.
  10. Justice - After a crew member is found dead, Col. Young and the crew try to find the murderer among them.
  11. Space - The Destiny is attacked by alien ships, leading to a tense confrontation and a capture.
  12. Divided - The crew is divided on how to deal with the alien threat and internal disagreements about control of the Destiny.
  13. Faith - The Destiny arrives at an uncharted star system with a habitable planet, leading to discussions about colonization.
  14. Human - Dr. Rush risks his life in an experiment to understand the Destiny's systems, revisiting his past through flashbacks.
  15. Lost - A group of crew members becomes stranded in an underground maze on a remote planet while searching for a mineral.
  16. Sabotage - The Destiny's FTL drive malfunctions, and the crew must rely on a brilliant scientist from Earth to repair it.
  17. Pain - Members of the crew experience vivid hallucinations, leading to paranoia and dangerous situations aboard the ship.
  18. Subversion - Dr. Rush is exposed to possible infiltration and subterfuge involving the Lucian Alliance and the Destiny.
  19. Incursion, Part 1 - The Lucian Alliance invades the Destiny, leading to a tense standoff and battle for control of the ship.
  20. Incursion, Part 2 - The standoff with the Lucian Alliance continues, with high stakes and desperate measures to resolve the crisis.

Stargate: Universe Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Intervention - Following the Lucian Alliance invasion, the Destiny crew must deal with the aftermath and regain control of the ship.
  2. Aftermath - The crew faces difficult decisions regarding limited resources and the fate of the Lucian Alliance prisoners.
  3. Awakening - The crew discovers an abandoned Ancient ship and attempts to bring it online to aid their journey.
  4. Pathogen - Eli's mother falls ill on Earth, and he struggles with the limitations of being so far from home.
  5. Cloverdale - Lt. Scott is infected by an alien organism, leading to hallucinations about his life on Earth.
  6. Trial and Error - Col. Young experiences visions of an impending attack on the Destiny, raising questions about his leadership.
  7. The Greater Good - Dr. Rush and Col. Young explore a derelict spaceship, uncovering secrets that impact their understanding of the Destiny's mission.
  8. Malice - In pursuit of a murderer, the crew lands on a desolate planet where a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.
  9. Visitation - The crew that left the Destiny to settle on a planet returns in mysterious circumstances, leading to a series of unexplained events.
  10. Resurgence - The Destiny follows a signal to a battlefield in space, leading to a new discovery and a grave threat.
  11. Deliverance - The crew faces a confrontation with the drones and an ethical dilemma with an alien race.
  12. Twin Destinies - A risky plan to dial Earth from within a star leads to a startling encounter with a future version of Dr. Rush.
  13. Alliances - A terrorist attack on Earth affects members of the Destiny crew, leading to a re-evaluation of the alliance with Earth's governments.
  14. Hope - When a medical crisis strikes the crew, a risky procedure using the Ancient communication stones becomes the only chance to save a life.
  15. Seizure - The crew attempts to use technology to find the Destiny's location, leading to a political and ethical crisis with a potential ally.
  16. The Hunt - A hunting trip on a planet turns dangerous when crew members are attacked by a vicious creature.
  17. Common Descent - The crew discovers a planet populated by their descendants, revealing the outcome of an earlier visit to the planet.
  18. Epilogue - Visiting a second colony of their descendants, the crew learns more about their own fate and the legacy they left behind.
  19. Blockade - The Destiny is under siege by drones, forcing the crew to take refuge on a toxic planet to gather supplies.
  20. Gauntlet - In the series finale, the crew faces a final stand against the drones and takes a risky leap of faith to ensure the Destiny's mission continues.

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