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Roswell - Synopsis

"Roswell" is a science fiction TV series that blends elements of teen drama, romance, and mystery. It is set in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, famous for its 1947 UFO incident. The show, which originally aired from 1999 to 2002, revolves around the lives of three teenage aliens - Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Michael Guerin - who are survivors of the 1947 UFO crash and appear human but have concealed their extraordinary abilities and true origins.

The central narrative begins when Max, a high school student, uses his alien powers to heal fellow student Liz Parker after she's accidentally shot. This act of saving Liz marks the start of a complex relationship between them and unveils the secret of the alien teenagers to Liz and her friend Maria DeLuca. Later, Alex Whitman, another friend of Liz and Maria, also becomes privy to their secret.

Max, Isabel, and Michael grapple with the normal challenges of teenage life while also dealing with the existential threat posed by those who seek to uncover and exploit their alien nature. The three aliens struggle with questions of identity, destiny, and belonging. Max and Isabel, who were adopted by human parents, strive for a normal life, while Michael, who grew up in a foster home, often rebels against societal norms.

Their alien origins provide a backdrop for the series' exploration of themes like discrimination, acceptance, and the search for one's roots. The characters frequently find themselves in situations where they must use their powers, which include molecular manipulation, mind-warping, and telekinesis, to protect themselves and their loved ones from various threats.

The story further complicates with the arrival of Tess Harding, another alien who reveals more about their past and destiny. She plays a pivotal role in the unfolding of the aliens' background, including the revelation that they were engineered as part of a plan to save their dying race on their home planet.

Throughout the series, the protagonists are pursued by government agents and alien hunters. This external conflict is juxtaposed with the internal struggle of the alien characters as they navigate human relationships, high school life, and the weight of their alien legacy.

As the series progresses, the relationships among the main characters deepen, and they are drawn into a larger interstellar narrative that reveals the reasons behind their presence on Earth. This overarching story combines the intimate dynamics of teenage drama with the grandeur of a sci-fi thriller, exploring themes of love, friendship, loyalty, and the quest for identity.

"Roswell" was particularly noted for its character-driven plot, the chemistry among its young cast, and its ability to blend sci-fi elements with the relatable struggles of adolescence. The show gained a cult following and is remembered for its unique take on the alien mythos set against the backdrop of high school life in a small American town.

Roswell Show Details

Roswell Main Cast

Shiri Appleby Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker
Jason Behr Jason Behr as Max Evans
Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans
Majandra Delfino Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca
Brendan Fehr Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin
Nick Wechsler Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti
William Sadler William Sadler as Jim Valenti
Colin Hanks Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman
Emilie de Ravin Emilie de Ravin as Tess Harding

Roswell Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Pilot - After high school student Liz Parker is shot at her family's diner, she is secretly healed by classmate Max Evans, revealing his alien origins.
  2. The Morning After - Liz's discovery of Max's secret leads her into the mysterious world of him and his alien siblings, Isabel and Michael.
  3. Monsters - As Liz and Maria grapple with the truth about Max, Isabel, and Michael, they confront their fears and learn more about the aliens’ powers.
  4. Leaving Normal - Liz deals with her grandmother's illness and a confrontation with a local bully, leading to Max's intervention.
  5. Missing - Liz's private journal goes missing, and she fears it could expose Max and the others, while Isabel goes on a date with a classmate.
  6. 285 South - Michael's quest to find answers about his past leads the group on a road trip, putting them all at risk of exposure.
  7. River Dog - Following a clue about their origins, the group encounters an old man who knows about the 1947 UFO crash.
  8. Blood Brother - Max is injured in a car accident and risks exposure at the hospital, while Liz contemplates telling Alex the truth.
  9. Heat Wave - A heat wave in Roswell ignites romantic tensions among the group, leading to new relationships and complications.
  10. The Balance - Michael becomes ill after an encounter with River Dog, and the group delves deeper into alien mythology to save him.
  11. The Toy House - Max and Isabel's mother begins to suspect their secret, leading to a family crisis and revelations about their past.
  12. Into the Woods - UFO sightings in Roswell lead the group to a discovery in the woods, but they must avoid the suspicion of Sheriff Valenti.
  13. The Convention - A UFO convention in Roswell brings new dangers, as the group encounters a suspicious FBI agent and learns more about the 1947 crash.
  14. Blind Date - Liz wins a radio contest blind date, leading to unexpected romantic developments, while Michael and Maria's relationship faces challenges.
  15. Independence Day - Michael's troubled home life comes to a head, forcing him to make difficult decisions about his future and his safety.
  16. Sexual Healing - Liz and Max's growing attraction leads to surprising and potentially dangerous consequences related to Max's alien nature.
  17. Crazy - Suspicions about Topolsky's return and her warnings about a government conspiracy heighten the group's fears of being discovered.
  18. Tess, Lies, and Videotape - The arrival of a new student, Tess Harding, brings new mysteries and romantic complications, particularly for Max and Liz.
  19. Four Square - Tess's influence grows, leading to revelations about the aliens' destiny, while Michael and Isabel experience strange visions.
  20. Max to the Max - Max's efforts to protect Liz from danger expose more about Tess's background and the group's alien origins.
  21. The White Room (Part 1) - In the first part of the season finale, Max is captured by the FBI, leading to a dangerous rescue mission by the group.
  22. Destiny (Part 2) - In the season finale, secrets about the aliens’ origins and purpose are revealed, changing their lives and relationships forever.

Roswell Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Skin and Bones - The group faces the consequences of their actions from the season one finale, and a new version of Nasedo arises.
  2. Ask Not - The aliens and their human friends deal with the aftermath of the events at the military base, while Max is haunted by his experience.
  3. Surprise - Isabel's birthday brings a surprise visitor and revelations about the aliens' past, and Tess's role in their lives becomes clearer.
  4. Summer of '47 - Michael experiences flashbacks to 1947, providing insights into the Roswell crash and the origins of the alien presence on Earth.
  5. The End of the World - Future Max comes back in time to prevent a catastrophic event, leading to difficult decisions for Liz and Max.
  6. Harvest - Liz and Max investigate a suspicious organization, leading to discoveries about alien-human hybrid experiments.
  7. Wipeout! - The Skins erase everyone in Roswell except for Liz, Maria, and Kyle, who must find a way to save their alien friends.
  8. Meet the Dupes - Alien duplicates from New York arrive in Roswell, bringing conflict and revealing more about the Royal Four's destiny.
  9. Max in the City - Max and Tess travel to New York City to meet the alien dupes and face the challenges of their leadership roles.
  10. A Roswell Christmas Carol - Max is haunted by the ghost of a man he could not save, leading him to question his healing abilities.
  11. To Serve and Protect - Isabel's visions of a kidnapped girl lead the group on a rescue mission, bringing them into conflict with a familiar enemy.
  12. We Are Family - Sheriff Valenti's job is threatened as he becomes more involved with the aliens, and Liz's father becomes suspicious of her behavior.
  13. Disturbing Behavior - The group investigates Congresswoman Whitaker's ties to the Skins, leading to dangerous encounters and new alliances.
  14. How the Other Half Lives - The relationships among the group are tested as they uncover more about the alien hybrids and face off against the Skins.
  15. Viva Las Vegas - The group takes a trip to Las Vegas, leading to unexpected adventures and challenges to their secret.
  16. Heart of Mine - Emotions run high at the high school prom, leading to revelations and changes in the relationships among the group.
  17. Cry Your Name - The sudden death of a main character brings grief and questions, and the group seeks answers to the tragedy.
  18. It's Too Late and It's Too Bad - Liz investigates Alex's death, leading to shocking discoveries about what really happened to him.
  19. Baby, It's You - The group faces the reality of Tess's pregnancy and its implications for their future and safety.
  20. Off the Menu - The group confronts the alien who killed Alex, leading to a showdown and difficult choices.
  21. The Departure - In the season finale, secrets are revealed, allegiances are tested, and the group faces a departure that changes everything.

Roswell Season 3 Episodes

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  1. Busted - Max and Liz are arrested for holding up a convenience store, leading to a complex escape plan.
  2. Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper - Michael takes a job at a biochemical company, leading to unexpected complications.
  3. Significant Others - Relationship troubles arise among the group, with Isabel making a big decision and Liz's father disapproving of Max.
  4. Secrets and Lies - Max heads to Los Angeles to investigate a mysterious film that may hold clues to his origins.
  5. Control - Max's search in Los Angeles brings him closer to the truth about his past, but at a dangerous cost.
  6. To Have and To Hold - As Isabel's wedding approaches, she and her friends face unexpected threats and revelations.
  7. Interruptus - After Isabel's wedding, the honeymoon is disrupted by the appearance of her alien ex-boyfriend.
  8. Behind the Music - The lives of the group members take various turns, with music playing a significant role in their experiences.
  9. Samuel Rising - A Christmas episode where the group encounters a young boy who may have special needs and abilities.
  10. A Tale of Two Parties - On New Year's Eve, the group splits up to attend different parties, leading to surprising developments.
  11. I Married An Alien - Isabel dreams of an alternate reality where she is married to a normal human and none of her friends know about aliens.
  12. Ch-Ch-Changes - Liz begins to exhibit alien-like powers, leading her and Max to search for answers about her condition.
  13. Panacea - Michael investigates a murder linked to a healing dog, while Max and Liz's relationship faces challenges.
  14. Chant Down Babylon - The group tries to save a critically injured friend using alien powers, leading to unintended consequences.
  15. Who Died and Made You King? - Tensions arise among the group as they struggle with leadership issues and the responsibilities of their powers.
  16. Crash - A road trip leads to a crash, leaving some of the group stranded and facing life-threatening situations.
  17. Four Aliens and A Baby - Max and the group face a difficult decision regarding his son's future and safety.
  18. Graduation - In the series finale, as the group prepares for graduation, they must make a stand against the FBI and decide their future.

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