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Resident Alien

Resident Alien

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Resident Alien Main Cast

Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk as Harry Vanderspeigle
Sara Tomko Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees
Corey Reynolds Corey Reynolds as Sheriff Mike Thompson
Alice Wetterlund Alice Wetterlund as D'Arcy Bloom
Levi Fiehler Levi Fiehler as Mayor Ben Hawthorne
Judah Prehn Judah Prehn as Max Hawthorne
Elizabeth Bowen Elizabeth Bowen as Deputy Liv Baker
Meredith Garretson Meredith Garretson as Kate Hawthorne
Gary Farmer Gary Farmer as Dan Twelvetrees
Diana Bang Diana Bang as Nurse Ellen Cho
Jenna Lamia Jenna Lamia as Judy Cooper
Gracelyn Awad Rinke Gracelyn Awad Rinke as Sahar

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Resident Alien Trailers and Clips

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Resident Alien - Synopsis

Resident Alien is a science fiction television series that blends elements of mystery, drama, and comedy. The show revolves around an extraterrestrial who crash-lands on Earth and assumes the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, a reclusive small-town physician in Patience, Colorado. Initially, his mission is to carry out a task that would prove harmful to humans, but his plans are complicated by his unexpected involvement in the local community.

The alien, while navigating human society, struggles with the complexities of human emotions, social interactions, and the nuances of life on Earth. Despite his superior technological knowledge and alien abilities, he often finds himself in humorous and perplexing situations as he tries to blend in. His perspective on human life brings a unique and often comical outlook to everyday situations.

As the story progresses, the alien starts to develop a sense of empathy towards humans, particularly through his interactions with the townsfolk of Patience. This emotional evolution becomes a central theme of the series, leading to inner conflicts about his mission and his growing affinity for human life.

Simultaneously, a subplot unfolds involving government agents who are on the trail of the alien. This adds a layer of suspense and intrigue, as the alien must constantly evade detection while carrying out his original mission and fulfilling his role as a doctor.

Throughout the series, themes of identity, morality, and the search for belonging are explored. The show is notable for its witty writing, engaging plot twists, and the depth of its character development, particularly the alien protagonist, whose journey from an emotionless extraterrestrial to a quasi-human character full of complexities is central to the story.

Resident Alien appeals to a wide audience by combining the intrigue of a science fiction narrative with the relatable drama and humor of everyday life, all set against the backdrop of a picturesque Colorado town. The series is celebrated for its unique approach to the alien-on-Earth trope, offering viewers a fresh and entertaining take on the genre.

Resident Alien Show Details

  • Created by: Chris Sheridan
  • Total number of seasons: 3
  • Total number of episodes: 38
  • Date first episode aired: 27 January 2021
  • Date final episode aired: TBC
  • Show status: Renewed for Season 3

Resident Alien Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Pilot: An alien crashes on Earth and must take on a human identity, but his mission is threatened by a murder mystery in the small town of Patience, Colorado.
  2. Homesick: As the alien struggles with human emotions, he becomes involved in solving the local doctor's murder while trying to complete his secret mission.
  3. Secrets: The alien discovers secrets of his new human life and faces challenges in keeping his true identity hidden from the townspeople.
  4. Birds of a Feather: An unexpected visitor in town causes the alien to worry about his secret being exposed, leading to a series of comedic mishaps.
  5. Love Language: The alien explores human relationships and emotions further, leading to misunderstandings and comical situations in his personal interactions.
  6. Sexy Beast: The alien navigates the complexities of human attraction and dating, leading to humorous and unexpected scenarios.
  7. The Green Glow: The alien's past comes back to haunt him, revealing more about his mission on Earth and creating new challenges in his life as Dr. Vanderspeigle.
  8. End of the World As We Know It: The alien faces a moral dilemma as his mission reaches a critical point, forcing him to make a decision that affects the entire town.
  9. Welcome Aliens: The alien's world is turned upside down as new revelations come to light, impacting his view of humanity and his own mission.
  10. Heroes of Patience: In the season finale, the alien's relationships with the townspeople reach a climax as he grapples with his identity and purpose on Earth.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Old Friends: Harry returns to Earth with amnesia, only Asta can keep him safe while he recovers his memory.
  2. The Wire: Harry devises a plan to save Asta and himself, but he must first navigate the complexities of a local poker game.
  3. Girls' Night: While Harry continues to adapt to human life, Asta and the town's women enjoy a night out, leading to unexpected revelations.
  4. Radio Harry: Harry's exploration of human customs leads him to engage with a local radio show, creating humorous and unforeseen situations.
  5. Family Day: Harry experiences the dynamics of a family day in Patience, bringing both comedic and touching moments.
  6. An Alien in New York: Harry finds himself in New York, a setting that offers new challenges and discoveries about human behavior.
  7. Escape from New York: After his time in New York, Harry must find a way back to Colorado, encountering various obstacles along the way.
  8. Alien Dinner Party: An alien-themed dinner party leads to a series of amusing and awkward interactions for Harry.
  9. Autopsy: Harry gets involved in an autopsy, providing a unique perspective on human biology and mortality.
  10. The Ghost of Bobby Smallwood: A ghost story adds a new layer of mystery to the town, with Harry playing a central role in unravelling it.
  11. The Weight: Harry experiences the emotional 'weight' of human life, leading to a deeper understanding of human sentiments.
  12. The Alien Within: Harry confronts the alien aspects of himself, leading to introspection and conflict.
  13. Harry, a Parent: Harry takes on a parenting role, offering a humorous take on the challenges and joys of parenthood.
  14. Cat and Mouse: A game of cat and mouse ensues, with Harry trying to outwit those who are getting closer to uncovering his true identity.
  15. Best of Enemies: Friendships and rivalries are tested as Harry navigates complex relationships in Patience.
  16. I Believe in Aliens: In the season finale, beliefs are challenged and truths are revealed, leading to a dramatic climax for Harry and the residents of Patience.

Resident Alien Season 3 Episodes

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