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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones Main Cast

Krysten Ritter Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
Rachael Taylor Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker
Eka Darville Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse
Carrie-Anne Moss Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth
John Ventimiglia John Ventimiglia as Detective Costa
David Tennant David Tennant as Kilgrave
Rebecca De Mornay Rebecca De Mornay as Dorothy Walker

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Jessica Jones - Synopsis

Jessica Jones is a Marvel Television series that debuted on Netflix, focusing on the eponymous character, a former superhero who turns into a private investigator after a traumatic series of events that end her superhero career. Set in the same universe as "Daredevil" and other Marvel shows, it is known for its dark tone, psychological depth, and noir-inspired aesthetic.

Jessica Jones, portrayed by Krysten Ritter, struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and uses alcohol to cope with her past. Her superhuman strength and limited flight ability are remnants of her past life as a superhero. She runs her own detective agency, Alias Investigations, from her apartment in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.

The central storyline of the first season revolves around Kilgrave, a menacing figure from Jessica's past, played by David Tennant. Kilgrave possesses the power of mind control, which he uses to manipulate and control people, including Jessica during their previous encounters. The series explores the disturbing and abusive relationship between Jessica and Kilgrave, showcasing her attempts to overcome her trauma and confront her abuser.

As a private investigator, Jessica takes on cases that often lead her into conflicts with people possessing extraordinary abilities. She is joined by characters such as Trish Walker, her adoptive sister and a radio talk show host with her own complicated past, and Luke Cage, a bar owner with unbreakable skin who later becomes a love interest and central figure in the Marvel Netflix universe.

Throughout the series, themes of consent, trauma, and the misuse of power are explored in depth. Jessica's character is portrayed as deeply flawed but resilient, with her struggles against Kilgrave serving as a metaphor for battling personal demons and the impact of abusive relationships.

Supporting characters like Jeri Hogarth, a powerful and morally ambiguous lawyer, and Malcolm Ducasse, Jessica's neighbor and eventual assistant, add layers to the narrative, each dealing with their own complex issues and moral ambiguities.

The series stands out for its focus on female empowerment, psychological depth, and its handling of mature themes, setting it apart from more traditional superhero narratives. It delves into the psychological impact of trauma and how it shapes an individual, making Jessica's journey not just about physical battles, but also about her inner struggle for control and agency over her life.

Jessica Jones was critically acclaimed for its gritty style, Ritter's performance, and its approach to darker, more mature themes rarely explored in superhero stories. The show played a significant role in the broader Marvel Netflix universe, intersecting with series like "Daredevil," "Luke Cage," and "Iron Fist," leading up to "The Defenders" miniseries. Despite its superhero roots, "Jessica Jones" is often praised for transcending the genre, providing a gripping psychological drama.

Jessica Jones Show Details

  • Created by: Drew Goddard
  • Total number of seasons: 3
  • Total number of episodes: 39
  • Date first episode aired: 20 November 2015
  • Date final episode aired: 14 June 2019
  • Show status: Ended

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episodes

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  1. AKA Ladies Night - Jessica Jones, a former superhero turned private investigator, is hired to find a missing NYU student which leads her to a disturbing figure from her past.
  2. AKA Crush Syndrome - Jessica's investigation into a missing person case brings her into conflict with a mysterious and dangerous figure, revealing more about her own traumatic past.
  3. AKA It's Called Whiskey - As Jessica delves deeper into her case, she encounters Luke Cage and confronts the man who has been controlling her life.
  4. AKA 99 Friends - Jessica investigates a series of photographs that threaten her already precarious situation, while dealing with mounting paranoia.
  5. AKA The Sandwich Saved Me - Jessica's past as a superhero comes to light, revealing the events that led to her present-day situation.
  6. AKA You're a Winner! - Jessica and Luke’s investigations intersect, uncovering shocking truths and forcing Jessica to confront her fears.
  7. AKA Top Shelf Perverts - Jessica's battle against Kilgrave intensifies, leading to drastic actions as she tries to outmaneuver him.
  8. AKA WWJD? - Jessica faces a moral dilemma when she learns more about Kilgrave's past and his twisted intentions for her.
  9. AKA Sin Bin - Jessica captures Kilgrave in an attempt to end his reign of terror, but her plans face unexpected challenges.
  10. AKA 1,000 Cuts - A betrayal leads to a bloody confrontation, forcing Jessica to make difficult decisions to protect those she cares about.
  11. AKA I've Got the Blues - Jessica's search for the truth about her past takes a dark turn, revealing hidden dangers and new adversaries.
  12. AKA Take a Bloody Number - The stakes are raised as Jessica teams up with someone unexpected to stop Kilgrave once and for all.
  13. AKA Smile - In a dramatic climax, Jessica confronts Kilgrave in a final showdown, resolving to end his control over her life.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episodes

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  1. AKA Start at the Beginning - Jessica Jones sets out to find the origins of her powers and uncovers disturbing truths about her past and family.
  2. AKA Freak Accident - Jessica's investigation into IGH, the company responsible for her powers, leads to a tragic discovery.
  3. AKA Sole Survivor - As Jessica digs deeper into her past, she encounters a mysterious figure with a connection to her childhood.
  4. AKA God Help the Hobo - Jessica struggles with anger management while continuing to unravel the secrets of IGH and her past.
  5. AKA The Octopus - New leads take Jessica on a path to uncovering the experiments done on her and others by IGH.
  6. AKA Facetime - Jessica confronts an important figure from her past, leading to unexpected revelations and danger.
  7. AKA I Want Your Cray Cray - Flashbacks reveal more about Jessica's history and her relationship with her mother.
  8. AKA Ain't We Got Fun - Tensions rise as Jessica grapples with shocking information about her family and the consequences of her actions.
  9. AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed - Jessica faces a new threat while dealing with the ramifications of her complex family situation.
  10. AKA Pork Chop - Jessica's moral compass is tested as she tries to protect her family from escalating dangers.
  11. AKA Three Lives and Counting - Haunted by a recent tragedy, Jessica struggles with her inner demons while facing external threats.
  12. AKA Pray for My Patsy - Jessica races against time to save someone she cares about, facing off against a formidable enemy.
  13. AKA Playland - In the season finale, Jessica confronts the ultimate truths of her past and makes a decision that will change her future.

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episodes

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  1. AKA The Perfect Burger - Jessica Jones investigates a case which leads her to a highly intelligent psychopath; Trish harnesses her newfound powers to become a hero.
  2. AKA You're Welcome - Told from Trish’s perspective, her journey to becoming a vigilante is revealed while she crosses paths with Jessica.
  3. AKA I Have No Spleen - Jessica struggles with an injury from her encounter with the psychopath, while Trish’s heroics lead to unforeseen consequences.
  4. AKA Customer Service is Standing By - Jessica and Trish team up to take down a highly intelligent adversary, testing their friendship and abilities.
  5. AKA I Wish - Jessica faces moral dilemmas as she gets closer to understanding the full scope of her opponent’s plans.
  6. AKA Sorry Face - Jessica deals with the aftermath of a disturbing discovery, and her actions put her on a collision course with the law.
  7. AKA The Double Half-Wappinger - A dangerous assignment leads Jessica into a web of deceit and betrayal, forcing her to reevaluate her methods.
  8. AKA Camera Friendly - Jessica’s investigation uncovers a conspiracy, while Trish’s pursuit of justice brings her closer to the edge.
  9. AKA I Did Something Today - Jessica confronts her most daunting case yet, as her pursuit of the truth reveals a complex web of lies and manipulation.
  10. AKA Hero Pants - Trish's actions escalate, leading Jessica to make tough choices about justice and the true meaning of heroism.
  11. AKA Hellcat - Jessica faces an emotional and moral crisis, and the lines between hero and villain become blurred.
  12. AKA A Lotta Worms - As the situation spirals out of control, Jessica is forced to take drastic action to protect those she loves.
  13. AKA Everything - In the series finale, Jessica confronts her darkest fears and makes a decision that will change her life forever. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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