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Fringe - Synopsis

"Fringe" is a science fiction TV series that originally aired from 2008 to 2013. The show, created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, blends elements of mystery, horror, and speculative science fiction, drawing comparisons to earlier works like "The X-Files."

The series centers around the Fringe Division, a special unit of the FBI, which investigates unexplained phenomena and occurrences linked to the mysterious Parallel Universe. The team is led by Special Agent Olivia Dunham, played by Anna Torv, who is known for her determination and unique ability to connect with the unexplained events they investigate.

Key to the series is the character Dr. Walter Bishop, portrayed by John Noble, a brilliant but eccentric scientist who, after spending years in a mental institution, is released to assist the Fringe Division. His past, particularly his experiments involving fringe science, is deeply intertwined with many of the cases they investigate. Walter's strained relationship with his son, Peter Bishop, played by Joshua Jackson, is a central theme. Peter, a jack-of-all-trades with a murky past, gradually uncovers his own connections to the strange phenomena they encounter.

The show delves into various aspects of fringe science, such as parallel universes, alternate realities, and advanced biotechnology. The concept of a parallel universe, where a slightly different version of every person exists, is central to the narrative. It explores the moral and ethical implications of such technology and the impact it has on the characters’ lives.

"Fringe" is known for its complex storylines, which interweave episodic cases with overarching narratives. As the series progresses, the team uncovers a larger conspiracy involving a multinational corporation called Massive Dynamic, which is heavily involved in advanced scientific research and development. Nina Sharp, a high-level executive at Massive Dynamic, plays a significant role in the unfolding mystery.

The series also features a mysterious Observers, bald, pale men who appear at key historical moments. Their role and purpose become a significant plot point, particularly in later seasons.

"Fringe" received critical acclaim for its creative storytelling, special effects, and the performances of its lead actors. While it started as a relatively procedural science fiction show, it evolved into a more serialized drama, exploring deep philosophical and existential questions. Its ability to blend emotional character development with high-concept science fiction has led to a dedicated fan base and a lasting impact on the genre.

Fringe Show Details

Fringe Main Cast

Anna Torv Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop
John Noble John Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop
Jasika Nicole Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth
Lance Reddick Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles
Blair Brown Blair Brown as Nina Sharp
Michael Cerveris Michael Cerveris as The Observer
Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis

Fringe Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Pilot - The series begins with FBI agent Olivia Dunham teaming up with institutionalized scientist Walter Bishop and his son Peter to investigate a mysterious flight incident.
  2. The Same Old Story - The team investigates rapid aging phenomena linked to a serial killer with ties to Dr. Bishop’s past research.
  3. The Ghost Network - A man's psychic connection to a "ghost network" reveals information about a deadly bioterrorist attack.
  4. The Arrival - The appearance of a mysterious cylinder draws the attention of the Fringe team and the Observers.
  5. Power Hungry - An investigation into a man who can affect electricity leads to a corporation experimenting with fringe science.
  6. The Cure - A case involving a deadly virus and human experimentation uncovers unethical practices at a pharmaceutical company.
  7. In Which We Meet Mr. Jones - The team consults an incarcerated bio-terrorist to stop a lethal parasite’s spread.
  8. The Equation - A child prodigy's kidnapping leads the team to a disturbed composer and a mind-control experiment.
  9. The Dreamscape - The team investigates deaths connected to hallucinations and a Massive Dynamic employee.
  10. Safe - A series of bank robberies involving matter teleportation are linked to Walter's past work.
  11. Bound - Olivia is kidnapped by mercenaries, leading to revelations about the ZFT manuscript and bioterrorism.
  12. The No-Brainer - A computer virus that causes brain liquefaction leads the team to confront technological terror.
  13. The Transformation - A horrific plane incident involving a transmuting creature reveals deeper conspiracies.
  14. Ability - Olivia confronts her latent abilities while investigating a weapon that kills through the power of suggestion.
  15. Inner Child - The discovery of a mysterious child in a tunnel reveals connections to the Observer.
  16. Unleashed - An animal attack linked to genetic experiments forces the team to face a chimera-like creature.
  17. Bad Dreams - Olivia's visions about murders lead to a woman with a dangerous ability to influence others.
  18. Midnight - The team hunts a serial killer who uses spinal fluid to keep his lover alive.
  19. The Road Not Taken - Olivia explores parallel universes while investigating spontaneous human combustion cases.
  20. There's More Than One of Everything - The season finale reveals truths about the parallel universe and Walter's past.

Fringe Season 2 Episodes

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  1. A New Day in the Old Town - Olivia returns from the parallel universe, and the Fringe team investigates a shape-shifting assassin.
  2. Night of Desirable Objects - The team explores mysterious disappearances linked to an underground creature.
  3. Fracture - A series of bizarre bomb attacks lead to a conspiracy involving war veterans.
  4. Momentum Deferred - Olivia recalls her meeting in the alternate universe, and the team encounters the shape-shifter again.
  5. Dream Logic - The team investigates deaths linked to dream-like hallucinations and a sleep clinic.
  6. Earthling - A deadly shadowy entity is tied to Russian cosmonaut experiments, leading the team on a dangerous hunt.
  7. Of Human Action - A case involving mind control experiments uncovers Massive Dynamic's questionable practices.
  8. August - The team investigates an Observer's involvement in a girl's kidnapping.
  9. Snakehead - A gruesome discovery in a cargo ship leads to an investigation into illegal biotechnology.
  10. Grey Matters - The team discovers a plot to restore Walter's memories involving brain tissue theft.
  11. Unearthed - A seemingly resurrected girl leads the team to uncover a military experiment gone wrong.
  12. Johari Window - A small town's secret experiments on its residents come to light after a series of deformities are uncovered.
  13. What Lies Below - A lethal virus outbreak in an office building traps the team in a race against time.
  14. The Bishop Revival - A toxin targeting specific genetics brings the team to confront a eugenicist.
  15. Jacksonville - An impending collision with the alternate universe forces Olivia to confront her abilities.
  16. Peter - The backstory of Peter's origins and Walter's crossing into the parallel universe is revealed.
  17. Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver - The team tracks a killer connected to Olivia's Cortexiphan trials.
  18. White Tulip - A time-traveling scientist's quest for redemption intersects with the Fringe team's investigation.
  19. The Man from the Other Side - The team faces a breach between universes and the consequences of Walter's past actions.
  20. Brown Betty - A musical episode where Walter narrates a detective story involving the Fringe team.
  21. Northwest Passage - Peter's sojourn in a small town leads him into a murder mystery with fringe science elements.
  22. Over There, Part 1 - The team ventures into the parallel universe to prevent a catastrophic event.
  23. Over There, Part 2 - The season concludes with intense confrontations and revelations in the alternate universe.

Fringe Season 3 Episodes

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  1. Olivia - Trapped in the parallel universe, Olivia struggles to reclaim her identity and return home.
  2. The Box - The team investigates a deadly box while Olivia tries to escape the alternate universe.
  3. The Plateau - In the parallel universe, Olivia investigates a series of accidents caused by a man with a unique ability to calculate probabilities.
  4. Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? - The team uncovers a conspiracy involving shapeshifters in the government.
  5. Amber 31422 - The alternate Fringe team investigates a case involving the mysterious amber substance used to contain fringe events.
  6. 6955 kHz - The team investigates a series of amnesia cases linked to a mysterious radio broadcast.
  7. The Abducted - In the alternate universe, a serial kidnapper called the Candyman resurfaces, leading Olivia and the alternate Fringe team to investigate.
  8. Entrada - Olivia's return to her own universe is at the center of a high-stakes episode involving both universes.
  9. Marionette - A bizarre case involving organ theft and puppetry leads to unsettling revelations.
  10. The Firefly - A visit from the Observer brings Walter to face his past actions and their consequences.
  11. Reciprocity - The discovery of a doomsday device triggers a hunt for information and a shocking discovery about Peter.
  12. Concentrate and Ask Again - The team seeks the help of a man with telepathic abilities to prevent a bioterrorist attack.
  13. Immortality - In the parallel universe, a case involving an insect-like creature leads to revelations about the alternate Olivia.
  14. 6B - A haunting at an apartment building is linked to a widow's grief and a parallel universe.
  15. Subject 13 - This flashback episode reveals the childhood experiences of Peter and Olivia with Walter and the Cortexiphan trials.
  16. Os - The team investigates a series of levitation deaths linked to a man's quest to save his son.
  17. Stowaway - The team encounters a woman who cannot die, complicating their investigation of a series of murders.
  18. Bloodline - In the parallel universe, Olivia's pregnancy accelerates, leading to a desperate situation.
  19. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide - A journey inside Olivia's mind reveals critical information about the alternate universe.
  20. 6:02 AM EST - The beginning of the endgame as the universes start to collide, leading to catastrophic events.
  21. The Last Sam Weiss - The team works with an enigmatic figure to prevent the destruction of both universes.
  22. The Day We Died - A glimpse into a possible future reveals the devastating consequences of the war between universes.

Fringe Season 4 Episodes

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  1. Neither Here Nor There - Following the altered timeline, the team investigates a translucent shape-shifter with Peter seemingly erased from existence.
  2. One Night in October - The team collaborates with their alternate universe counterparts to stop a serial killer.
  3. Alone in the World - A mysterious fungal growth connects to a lonely boy, revealing unusual empathetic abilities.
  4. Subject 9 - Olivia and Walter investigate a series of time displacement events linked to a former Cortexiphan subject.
  5. Novation - As Peter reappears under mysterious circumstances, the team faces a new breed of shape-shifters.
  6. And Those We Left Behind - Time loop anomalies lead the team to a tragic case involving a theoretical physicist and his wife's illness.
  7. Wallflower - The team investigates a series of deaths connected to a man who has become invisible due to experimental drugs.
  8. Back to Where You've Never Been - Peter seeks answers about his identity and origin by traveling to the alternate universe.
  9. Enemy of My Enemy - Peter's presence alters the dynamics in both universes, leading to an uneasy alliance against a common foe.
  10. Forced Perspective - Olivia investigates a teenage girl who has premonitions of future deaths.
  11. Making Angels - Astrid confronts her alternate self while the team investigates deaths caused by a killer obsessed with balancing equations.
  12. Welcome to Westfield - The team becomes trapped in a town where reality is fracturing, merging elements of both universes.
  13. A Better Human Being - As the team investigates a mentally ill patient's connection to a series of murders, Olivia experiences strange memories of Peter.
  14. The End of All Things - The team races to find a kidnapped Olivia, leading to revelations about the Observers and Peter's place in the timeline.
  15. A Short Story About Love - Following Olivia's abduction, the team investigates a killer targeting love, while Olivia's memories of Peter intensify.
  16. Nothing As It Seems - A case resembling an earlier investigation leads the team to a monstrous genetic experiment.
  17. Everything in Its Right Place - Lincoln travels to the alternate universe, where they confront a vigilante with a familiar face.
  18. The Consultant - Walter crosses to the alternate universe to help investigate a Fringe event affecting both worlds.
  19. Letters of Transit - Set in a dystopian future, the team battles the Observers in a radically different world.
  20. Worlds Apart - Both universes work together to prevent David Robert Jones from collapsing both universes.
  21. Brave New World, Part 1 - The team faces a series of catastrophic events orchestrated by a familiar enemy.
  22. Brave New World, Part 2 - In the season finale, the team confronts the mastermind behind the recent events, leading to a dramatic showdown.

Fringe Season 5 Episodes

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  1. Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 - The final season begins in 2036, with the Fringe team reassembled to fight the oppressive Observers.
  2. In Absentia - The team visits Harvard to find crucial information, encountering moral dilemmas in their fight against the Observers.
  3. The Recordist - The team's quest for information leads them to a group of people recording human history under Observer rule.
  4. The Bullet That Saved the World - A significant loss occurs as the team retrieves important items for their plan against the Observers.
  5. An Origin Story - The team attempts to use Observer technology against them, leading to a critical confrontation.
  6. Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There - Walter's journey into a pocket universe reveals key elements of the plan to defeat the Observers.
  7. Five-Twenty-Ten - The team uses Observer technology as part of their plan, leading to unpredictable consequences.
  8. The Human Kind - Olivia embarks on a mission to retrieve a crucial element for their plan, confronting the depth of the Observers' control.
  9. Black Blotter - Walter's struggle with his inner demons leads to a surreal experience, revealing critical details of the plan.
  10. Anomaly XB-6783746 - The team seeks to unlock the identity of the mysterious child Observer, leading to startling revelations.
  11. The Boy Must Live - As the final confrontation with the Observers nears, the team uncovers the origins of the Observers.
  12. Liberty - In the penultimate episode, Olivia embarks on a dangerous mission into the Observer-occupied Manhattan.
  13. An Enemy of Fate - The series finale sees the Fringe team's final stand against the Observers, culminating in a dramatic and emotional conclusion.

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