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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon Main Cast

Steve Holland Steve Holland as Flash Gordon
Irene Champlin Irene Champlin as Dale Arden
Joseph Nash Joseph Nash as Dr. Hans Zarkov
Richard Alexander Richard Alexander as Emperor Ming the Merciless
Charles Middleton Charles Middleton as Prince Barin
Priscilla Lawson Priscilla Lawson as Princess Aura

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Flash Gordon Trailers and Clips

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Flash Gordon - Synopsis

Flash Gordon is a thrilling and iconic science fiction television series that aired in the 1950s, based on the legendary comic strip created by Alex Raymond. Set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving post-World War II world, the series captivated audiences with its imaginative storytelling, cutting-edge special effects for its time, and a charismatic cast of characters.

The series follows the adventures of the titular hero, Flash Gordon, a charismatic and brave young man who, along with his companions, embarks on a journey of epic proportions. It all begins when Flash, a former Yale football star, and his girlfriend, Dale Arden, find themselves aboard a small plane piloted by Dr. Hans Zarkov, a brilliant scientist who has been studying unusual occurrences related to the planet Mongo.

Their plane is suddenly caught in the path of a mysterious and deadly meteor shower, controlled by the evil and power-hungry ruler of Mongo, Emperor Ming the Merciless. In a desperate attempt to save Earth from destruction, Zarkov decides to crash-land the plane on Mongo, where he believes the source of the meteor attacks lies.

As Flash, Dale, and Zarkov emerge from the wreckage, they discover a world unlike any other. Mongo is a fantastical planet filled with diverse landscapes, strange creatures, and warring kingdoms. Flash and his companions soon find themselves caught in the middle of a cosmic battle for power, as they navigate the perilous landscapes of Mongo, encountering allies and foes along the way.

One of their most important allies is Prince Barin, the rightful heir to the throne of the forest kingdom of Arboria. Barin becomes a close friend to Flash and helps him adapt to the ways of Mongo, while also harboring romantic feelings for Dale, which adds an element of tension to their friendship.

Their adventures lead them to other key allies, including the resourceful and cunning Princess Aura, Ming's own daughter who rebels against her tyrannical father, and Thun, a powerful and honorable prince from the Lion Men of Mongo. Together, they form an unlikely but resilient alliance against Ming's oppressive rule.

As the series progresses, Flash and his friends face a series of challenges, from battling Ming's advanced technology to surviving the treacherous wildlife of Mongo's various regions. They also engage in diplomatic efforts to unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo against their common enemy, Ming.

Throughout the series, Flash Gordon emerges as a symbol of hope, courage, and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. His charisma and unwavering determination inspire those around him, making him a natural leader in the fight against Ming's tyranny.

The conflict between Flash and Ming reaches its climax in a thrilling showdown, where our hero must not only defeat the Emperor but also find a way to return to Earth before it's too late. The series blends elements of adventure, romance, and political intrigue to create a captivating narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Flash Gordon is not just a thrilling science fiction series; it's a timeless story of heroism, friendship, and the enduring power of the human spirit in the face of interstellar adversity. With its memorable characters and imaginative storytelling, it has left an indelible mark on the world of science fiction television and continues to be celebrated by fans and enthusiasts to this day.

Foundation Show Details

  • Total number of seasons: 1
  • Total number of episodes: 39
  • Date first episode aired: 1 October 1954
  • Date final episode aired: 15 July 1955
  • Show status: Cancelled

Flash Gordon Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death - Flash Gordon faces danger on a planet with a mysterious death threat.
  2. Escape Into Time - Flash and his team embark on a time-travel adventure.
  3. The Electro Man - A confrontation with an electrically powered man ensues.
  4. The Vengeance of Rabeed - Flash Gordon deals with Rabeed's revengeful plans.
  5. Akim the Terrible - A mission on a planet ruled by the ruthless Akim.
  6. The Claim Jumpers - Flash Gordon tackles space pirates threatening a prospector and his daughter.
  7. The Dancing Death - An episode featuring a mysterious dancing threat.
  8. The Breath of Death - The team confronts a lethal challenge.
  9. The Great Secret - Flash Gordon unravels a significant secret.
  10. The Return of the Androids - A battle against an army of ancient androids.
  11. The Frightened King - Protecting a king from terrifying phantoms.
  12. The Deadly Deception - A race to retrieve a bomb-laden robot in space.
  13. Duel Against Darkness - A mission on a medieval-like planet under a tyrant's rule.
  14. The Sound Gun - The Sky Flash faces a sonic weapon attack.
  15. The Weapon that Walked - Confronting a woman with petrifying powers.
  16. Mission to Masca - A journey to a silent planet.
  17. The Lure of Light - A rescue mission against the evil queen Prudentia.
  18. The Rains of Death - Tackling galaxy-threatening torrential rains.
  19. Flash Gordon and the Race Against Time - A crucial vote that could change the fate of the GBI.
  20. The Witch of Neptune - Part 1 of a three-part saga involving the Witch of Neptune's conquest plans.
  21. Flash Gordon and the Brain Machine - Flash and Dale work to clear Zarkov and Richards' names and battle the evil Zydereen.
  22. Struggle to the End - The final confrontation with Zydereen, who threatens the galaxy with a solar ray.
  23. The Water World Menace - A mission against underwater creatures planning to live on land.
  24. Saboteurs from Space - Flash, Dale, and Zarkov foil a plan to kidnap Earth's top scientists.
  25. The Forbidden Experiment - A rescue mission for Dr. Zarkov, who is captured while on a mission to help an old friend.
  26. Heat Wave - Flash and his crew address the threat of a global temperature rise traced to another planet.
  27. The Hunger Invasion - A fight against a galactic invasion by a plague of devouring insects.
  28. Encounter with Evil - A confrontation with a villain named Evil, who turns Flash's friends against him.
  29. The Matter Duplicator - Investigating the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of jewels.
  30. The Micro-Man Menace - Battling a villain capable of shrinking people and planets.
  31. The Space Smugglers - Flash and the GBI face smugglers using a hypnotic drug.
  32. The Mystery of Phoros - Dealing with rulers of a diseased planet blocking epidemic relief efforts.
  33. The Shadowy Death - Investigating a deadly threat on the planet Saturn.
  34. Death in the Negative - Flash, Dale, and Zarkov confront a life-threatening challenge.
  35. The Earth's Core - A perilous journey to the core of the Earth.
  36. Deadline at Noon - A race against time to complete a critical mission.
  37. The Law of Velorum - A legal battle on another planet with high stakes.
  38. The Skyjackers - Thwarting the plans of sky pirates in a high-flying adventure.
  39. The Subworld Revenge - Flash Gordon faces a threat from beneath the surface of a planet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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