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Falling Skies

Falling Skies

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Falling Skies Main Cast

Noah Wyle Noah Wyle as Tom Mason
Drew Roy Drew Roy as Hal Mason
Maxim Knight Maxim Knight as Matt Mason
Will Patton Will Patton as Captain Dan Weaver
Sarah Carter Sarah Carter as Margaret
Moon Bloodgood Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass
Connor Jessup Connor Jessup as Ben Mason
Colin Cunningham Colin Cunningham as John Pope
Mpho Koaho Mpho Koaho as Anthony
Seychelle Gabriel Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado
Doug Jones Doug Jones as Cochise
Jessy Schram Jessy Schram as Karen Nadler

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Falling Skies

Falling Skies is a gripping science fiction television series that takes place in the aftermath of a devastating alien invasion that decimates most of the Earth's population. The show, created by Robert Rodat and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, originally aired from 2011 to 2015.

The series centers around the remnants of humanity who band together to resist the alien occupiers. The aliens, known as the Espheni, have deployed various tactics and beings for their invasion, including mechanical attack drones called "mechs", six-legged creatures known as "Skitters" that control the mechs, and the Espheni themselves, who are the masterminds of the invasion.

One of the key aspects of the alien invasion is their use of children between the ages of 8 and 18, whom they harness with biomechanical devices to control their minds. This aspect of the storyline is particularly harrowing, as forcibly removing these harnesses generally results in the child's death. However, a method is eventually developed that allows the harnesses to be removed safely.

The narrative follows the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of survivors fighting back against the alien forces. This group is led by retired United States Army Colonel Dan Weaver and Boston University history professor Tom Mason, who serves as the second-in-command. Mason's extensive knowledge of military history is a significant asset to the group, especially as he also embarks on a personal mission to find his son, Ben, who has been taken by the Skitters.

As the series progresses, new alien races are introduced, including the Volm, who have also been conquered by the Espheni and seek to destroy them in revenge. The Volm are led by a character named Cochise, who, along with a small team, continues to aid humanity even when the majority of the Volm forces have to leave Earth.

In the later seasons, the narrative takes several dramatic turns, including the discovery of the Espheni's true objective of using Earth's resources and humanity itself in their intergalactic conflicts, and the introduction of the Espheni Queen, who reveals the deeper motivations behind the invasion.

The show culminates in a global resistance led by Tom Mason against the Espheni, with humanity finally learning of and confronting the Espheni Queen. The final battle sees the use of a bioweapon against the Espheni, leading to their ultimate defeat and the liberation of Earth.

Falling Skies is known for its blend of action-packed sequences, character-driven stories, and exploration of themes such as survival, family, and what it means to be human in the face of overwhelming odds. The series was well-received for its special effects, character development, and engaging storytelling.

Falling Skies Show Details

  • Created by: Robert Rodat
  • Total number of seasons: 5
  • Total number of episodes: 52
  • Date first episode aired: 19 June 2011
  • Date final episode aired: 30 August 2015
  • Show status: Ended

Falling Skies Season 1 Episodes

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  1. Live and Learn: Six months after an alien invasion, history professor Tom Mason is made second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts, a group including his two sons, and they face Skitters and Mechs during a recon mission.
  2. The Armory: While scouting for weapons, Tom and his team are taken hostage by outlaws, but an alien ship attack disrupts the trade, leading to Pope's capture.
  3. Prisoner of War: The 2nd Mass is joined by Dr. Michael Harris, who knows how to unharness children; Tom captures a live Skitter, and a failed rescue mission leaves Hal's girlfriend Karen with the aliens.
  4. Grace: Tom's team is sent to scout an old motorcycle shop with Pope, while Anne tries to communicate with a captured Skitter, leading to surprising actions from a harnessed child.
  5. Silent Kill: Tom plans a rescue mission for the harnessed children, including his son Ben, using stealth and infiltration at a hospital guarded by Skitters.
  6. Sanctuary (Part 1): The 2nd Mass faces a 'feint attack' from a Mech, and a supposed ally, Terry Clayton, proposes relocating the children, revealing a dangerous pact with the enemy.
  7. Sanctuary (Part 2): Terry Clayton's betrayal is exposed, leading to a tense confrontation and the revelation of his deal with the Skitters; meanwhile, a baby is born into the 2nd Mass.
  8. What Hides Beneath: Weaver and Tom investigate a massive Skitter structure; they encounter a third alien species, and Pope develops new ammunition to fight the aliens.
  9. Mutiny: Colonel Porter is believed dead, causing tension and conflict in the 2nd Mass; Tom is imprisoned after questioning Weaver's mental state and plans.
  10. Eight Hours: The season finale sees Tom leading a mission against the Skitter base, and a fateful encounter with the aliens leads to a major cliffhanger.

Falling Skies Season 2 Episodes

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  1. Worlds Apart: The season opens with the 2nd Mass under threat, three months after Tom's departure with the aliens, and his uncertain fate looms over the group.
  2. Shall We Gather at the River: Tom returns to the group amid suspicions, and the 2nd Mass faces challenges in crossing a river while evading alien forces.
  3. Compass: As the 2nd Mass moves on, they encounter new dangers and the discovery of a potential safe haven in Charleston.
  4. Young Bloods: Tensions and emotions run high when the group finds a group of young children, leading to questions about leadership and priorities.
  5. Love and Other Acts of Courage: The 2nd Mass encounters a Skitter rebellion against their Overlords, revealing complexities in the alien hierarchy.
  6. Homecoming: Old faces reappear with new allegiances and intentions, causing strife within the group.
  7. Molon Labe: The group faces a fierce battle with the aliens, testing their resolve and unity.
  8. Death March: On their way to Charleston, the 2nd Mass endures internal strife and unexpected challenges that test their endurance.
  9. The Price of Greatness: Upon reaching Charleston, the 2nd Mass faces a new political landscape and struggles to adapt to the changing circumstances.
  10. A More Perfect Union: The season finale sees the 2nd Mass confronting a looming Skitter threat, leading to significant changes in alliances and leadership.

Falling Skies Season 3 Episodes

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  1. On Thin Ice: Seven months after the 2nd Mass and the Volm's arrival, the resistance continues against the alien invaders with new alliances. Tom is elected president of the New United States, but tension rises with a suspected spy.
  2. Collateral Damage: The 2nd Mass works to destroy a nuclear power plant fueling the Skitters' mechs, while Anne's concerns grow about her baby, Alexis, and Hal struggles with visions of Karen.
  3. Badlands: Charleston faces an attack, revealing surviving US forces, while Anne grows worried about Alexis. Hal's hidden allegiance leads to a confession, and Tom dedicates the Liberty Tree to the fallen.
  4. At All Costs: The 2nd Mass defends Charleston with Volm technology. Tom meets the US President and is asked to join him, while Anne becomes suspicious of Alexis' origins and Hal's condition worsens.
  5. Search and Recovery: Tom and Pope survive a plane crash and face danger in the wilderness. Back in Charleston, the search for Anne and Alexis continues amid suspicion and grief.
  6. Be Silent and Come Out: Hal's internal struggle leads to a hostage situation. Tom searches for Anne and Alexis, uncovering more about the Volm's weapon, while Marina becomes the New United States President.
  7. The Pickett Line: The Masons are robbed while searching for Anne and Alexis, leading to a deadly encounter. The 2nd Mass learns about the Espheni's plans from Cochise, and President Hathaway is assassinated.
  8. Strange Brew: Tom experiences an alternate reality where the invasion never happened, but soon realizes he's being manipulated by Karen. He awakens to a grim reality and learns about Anne and Alexis' fate.
  9. Journey to Xibalba: Tom returns to Charleston with tragic news, leading to a mission targeting the Espheni in Boston. A devastating mole's actions cause chaos, but the Volm weapon remains intact.
  10. Brazil: The 2nd Mass attacks the Espheni with the Volm weapon, leading to unexpected consequences. Tom faces Karen and learns Anne and Alexis are alive, but discovers Alexis' mysterious growth.

Falling Skies Season 4 Episodes

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  1. Ghost in the Machine: The 2nd Mass returns to Charleston, faces a brutal Espheni attack, and is separated by a new weapon, leading to Tom's solitary confinement in an Espheni ghetto.
  2. The Eye: Tom and Weaver are released, and the 2nd Mass works to destroy an Espheni weapons shipment, while Hal discovers distressing news about the Espheni's plans for humanity.
  3. Exodus: Tom enacts a risky plan to escape the Espheni ghetto, while Anne faces unsettling revelations about her daughter in her dreams.
  4. Evolve or Die: Tom and Weaver infiltrate a reeducation camp, facing personal tragedies, while Hal takes command and faces challenges with Pope.
  5. Mind Wars: Tom encounters suspicious survivors, Anne deals with Lexi's worsening condition, and Maggie and Ben struggle with their new reality.
  6. Door Number Three: Tom returns to Chinatown, where Lexi's transformation causes conflict, and Matt faces consequences at the reeducation camp.
  7. Saturday Night Massacre: Lexi's departure leads to a catastrophic Espheni attack on Chinatown, resulting in massive losses for the 2nd Mass.
  8. A Thing with Feathers: The 2nd Mass faces the aftermath of the attack, Tom and Dingaan investigate a Beamer, and Maggie's paralysis leads to drastic measures.
  9. Till Death Do Us Part: Tom and Anne's wedding is overshadowed by a mission to destroy the Espheni power core, and Lexi's return stirs mixed emotions.
  10. Drawing Straws: Tension rises as the 2nd Mass decides who will pilot the Beamer to the moon, and Lexi offers to join Tom on the perilous mission.
  11. Space Oddity: Tom and Lexi face challenges on their mission to the moon, while the 2nd Mass fends off an Espheni attack back on Earth.
  12. Shoot the Moon: The climactic mission to destroy the Espheni power core unfolds, leading to unexpected outcomes and a new alien encounter for Tom.

Falling Skies Season 5 Episodes

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  1. Find Your Warrior: Tom returns to the 2nd Mass and inspires them to launch a counterattack against the Espheni, leading to a discovery of an Overlord's escape pod.
  2. Hunger Pains: The 2nd Mass faces a severe food shortage and a mission for supplies leads to a disturbing discovery at a warehouse.
  3. Hatchlings: The 2nd Mass investigates the Espheni's plans to manufacture Skitters, leading to tragic events and an Overlord's capture.
  4. Pope Breaks Bad: Tensions rise as Tom confronts Pope, leading to significant developments with Cochise and the revelation of the Espheni's global strategy.
  5. Non-Essential Personnel: Pope forms a new group, while Tom's rescue mission for Hal takes a dangerous turn, revealing the true nature of the Espheni.
  6. Respite: Tom finds temporary solace in a seemingly normal setting, while the 2nd Mass discovers vital Espheni communications equipment.
  7. Everybody Has Their Reasons: The 2nd Mass encounters a military unit with questionable motives, leading to a confrontation and revelations about the Espheni.
  8. Stalag 14th Virginia: Tensions escalate at the naval base, resulting in a showdown and the discovery of an Espheni clone's infiltration.
  9. Reunion: The return of Lexi leads to suspicions, a deadly attack by Pope, and a significant discovery about the Espheni's ultimate ruler.
  10. Reborn: In the series finale, Tom confronts the Espheni queen, leading to a decisive battle for Earth's future and the fate of humanity. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Certain content that appears on this site, comes from Amazon Services LLC. This content is provided “AS IS” and is subject to change or removal at any time.

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