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The Lottery

“The Lottery” is a dystopian drama series that depicts a world where human fertility has drastically declined, and the government initiates a lottery to select women each year to carry the few remaining viable embryos. The story revolves around a group of interesting characters who are all connected to the lottery selection process. These characters include the government officials in charge of the lottery, the scientists responsible for the creation of the embryos, the families of potential mothers, and activists fighting against the lottery. As the stakes get higher, tensions rise, and secrets are uncovered, everyone is forced to face ethical questions about the lottery, their beliefs, and their roles in the world.

– Marley Shelton as Dr. Alison Lennon
– Michael Graziadei as Kyle Walker
– David Alpay as James Lynch
– Athena Karkanis as Vanessa Keller
– Yul Vasquez as President Westwood
– Shelley Conn as Gabrielle Westwood
– Martin Donovan as Darius Hayes
– Lesley-Ann Brandt as Rydder Helsing


First Episode Broadcast Date: July 20, 2014
Final Episode Broadcast Date: September 28, 2014
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 10


“The Lottery” is a show that asks important questions about human nature, power, and responsibility. The story of its dystopian world is a cautionary tale about what could happen if humans do not take care of the planet and each other. The storyline also raises ethical questions about the role governments should play in reproductive rights, the value of human life, and the importance of individual freedoms.

The first episode introduces viewers to the lottery selection process, where 100 healthy, young women from across the United States are chosen to undergo in-vitro fertilization and carry a fertilized embryo to term. The prize is the opportunity to contribute to the future of humanity, given that fertility rates have declined catastrophically worldwide. However, the selection process is not as straightforward as it seems as it soon emerges that the scientists are hiding something, and the political leaders have their own motives.

The show’s main focus is on Dr Alison Lennon, the scientist who created the embryos and who leads the lottery process. Dr Lennon is a complex character who is torn between her scientific responsibilities and her growing doubts about the morality of the lottery. As the story unfolds, Dr Lennon’s character takes on a central protagonist role, and she has to navigate a series of challenging ethical issues as she tries to fulfil her professional duties while also grappling with her growing conscience.

Another key character is Kyle Walker, a single man who wants to start a family but who is medically unable to father children. Kyle is a law enforcement officer and ends up playing an important role in the investigation after he starts to uncover hidden secrets about the program. He also becomes romantically involved with one of the lottery participants, allowing the audience to see the impact of the lottery on a family level.

In addition to Dr Lennon and Kyle, the show features a number of other intriguing characters. Vanessa Keller, an ambitious journalist who seeks the truth behind the lottery, Gabrielle and President Westwood, a mother and daughter pair who are each grappling with their motivations behind the initiative, and Rydder Helsing, an anti-government activist who is determined to expose the lottery’s truth to the world.

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The Lottery is a show that stands out for its quality and its ability to make viewers reflect. It may not appeal to everyone, especially those seeking light-hearted and easy-watching content. However, if you’re in the mood for a gripping and thought-provoking experience, The Lottery is definitely worth your time.

One of the show’s strongest aspects is the exceptional acting. The cast delivers stellar performances, breathing life into their characters and making them relatable. Their portrayals are convincing and add depth to the overall narrative.

Another noteworthy aspect of The Lottery is its sharp and suspenseful writing. The show successfully keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The plot unfolds with well-crafted twists and turns, creating a sense of anticipation and keeping the audience engaged throughout.

What sets The Lottery apart is its exploration of intriguing themes. The show delves into the value of human life and the ethical implications of artificial reproduction. It prompts viewers to contemplate these complex topics and sparks meaningful discussions. This thought-provoking element adds another layer of depth to the show’s overall impact.

In conclusion, The Lottery is a well-crafted and thought-provoking series that demands attention. Its outstanding performances, suspenseful writing, and exploration of compelling themes make it a show that stands out. If you’re ready to engage with a show that challenges your thinking and leaves a lasting impression, The Lottery is definitely a show worth checking out.

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