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Manifest is a gripping supernatural drama that delves into the mysterious and thought-provoking journey of Flight 828, a commercial airliner that vanishes for five and a half years, only to reappear without explanation. As the passengers and crew return to a world that has moved on without them, they find themselves burdened with strange abilities and entangled in a perplexing web of events.

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Manifest Show Details:

  • Date first episode aired: 24 September 2018
  • Date last episode aired: 2 June 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 62
  • Total number of seasons: 4

Manifest Cast:

  • Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone
  • Josh Dallas as Ben Stone
  • J. R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez
  • Luna Blaise as Olive Stone
  • Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl
  • Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance
  • Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone
  • Matt Long as Ezekiel James “Zeke” Landon
  • Jack Messina as Cal Stone
  • Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer
  • Ty Doran as Cal Stone/Gabriel Stone

Manifest Trailer:

Watch Manifest Now on Amazon Prime | DVD | Blu-Ray

Manifest Overview:

The series begins with Montego Air Flight 828, a routine flight from Jamaica to New York City. Onboard are a diverse group of passengers, each with their own aspirations, fears, and secrets. However, when the plane lands, the world has changed dramatically—five and a half years have passed since their departure. The passengers and crew must now confront the emotional turmoil of losing time, grieving for loved ones who have aged, and struggling to adapt to a world that has evolved in their absence.

As the mysteries surrounding Flight 828 unravel, the returned passengers realize they are experiencing “Callings,” inexplicable visions and intuitions guiding them towards certain actions. These Callings often lead them to people in need or set them on a path to uncover hidden truths. At the centre of these revelations are Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh), a determined NYPD officer, and her brother Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), a devoted father and mathematician. Together, they lead the effort to understand the purpose behind their Callings and the true nature of their enigmatic connection.

As the passengers try to reintegrate into society, they become aware that they are not the only ones affected by the enigmatic event. A shadowy government agency, led by Director Vance (Daryl Edwards), closely monitors their actions, concerned about the potential consequences of their newfound abilities. As tensions rise, the passengers must decide whether to hide their Callings or embrace their purpose, risking everything to bring hope and justice to those around them.

Manifest Review:

Throughout the series, Manifest weaves intricate character-driven storylines that delve into the personal struggles and relationships of the passengers. Love, loss, loyalty, and redemption become recurring themes as each character grapples with their past and seeks a path forward in this new and bewildering reality.

Meanwhile, a larger overarching mystery emerges, pointing to a grander cosmic plan and posing questions about fate, destiny, and the existence of forces beyond our comprehension. As the show progresses, the passengers’ connection to the Flight 828 event becomes increasingly complex, leading to surprising twists and revelations that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Manifest is a riveting blend of supernatural intrigue, emotional drama, and suspenseful storytelling that captivates audiences with its exploration of the human experience when confronted with the inexplicable. Throughout its gripping narrative, the show challenges viewers to ponder the mysteries of life, time, and the profound connections that bind us all.

Watch Manifest Now on Amazon Prime | DVD | Blu-Ray

Manifest Episode Guide – Season 1:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleDate First Aired
S01E01Pilot24 September 2018
S01E02Reentry1 October 2018
S01E03Turbulence8 October 2018
S01E04Unclaimed Baggage15 October 2018
S01E05Connecting Flights22 October 2018
S01E06Off Radar5 November 2018
S01E07S.N.A.F.U.12 November 2018
S01E08Point of No Return19 November 2018
S01E09Dead Reckoning26 November 2018
S01E10Crosswinds7 January 2019
S01E11Contrails14 January 2019
S01E12Vanishing Point21 January 2019
S01E13Cleared for Approach28 January 2019
S01E14Upgrade4 February 2019
S01E15Hard Landing11 February 2019
S01E16Estimated Time of Departure18 February 2019

Manifest Episode Guide & Trailer – Season 2:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleDate First Aired
S02E01Fasten Your Seatbelts6 January 2020
S02E02Grounded13 January 2020
S02E03False Horizon20 January 2020
S02E04Black Box27 January 2020
S02E05Coordinated Flight3 February 2020
S02E06Return Trip10 February 2020
S02E07Emergency Exit17 February 2020
S02E08Carry On2 March 2020
S02E09Airplane Bottles9 March 2020
S02E10Course Deviation16 March 2020
S02E11Unaccompanied Minors23 March 2020
S02E12Call Sign30 March 2020
S02E13Icing Conditions6 April 2020

Manifest Episode Guide & Trailer – Season 3:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleDate First Aired
S03E01Tailfin1 April 2021
S03E02Deadhead8 April 2021
S03E03Wingman15 April 2021
S03E04Tailspin22 April 2021
S03E05Water Landing29 April 2021
S03E06Graveyard Spiral29 April 2021
S03E07Precious Cargo6 May 2021
S03E08Destination Unknown6 May 2021
S03E09Bogey13 May 2021
S03E10Compass Calibration20 May 2021
S03E11Duty Free3 June 2021
S03E12Mayday Part 110 June 2021
S03E13Mayday Part 210 June 2021

Manifest Episode Guide & Trailer – Season 4:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleDate First Aired
S04E01Touch-and-Go4 November 2022
S04E02All Call4 November 2022
S04E03High Flight4 November 2022
S04E04Go-Around4 November 2022
S04E05Squawk4 November 2022
S04E06Relative Bearing4 November 2022
S04E07Romeo4 November 2022
S04E08Full Upright & Locked Position4 November 2022
S04E09Rendezvous4 November 2022
S04E10Inversion Illusion4 November 2022
S04E11Final Descent2 June 2023
S04E12Bug Out2 June 2023
S04E13Ghost Plane2 June 2023
S04E14Fata Morgana2 June 2023
S04E15Throttle2 June 2023
S04E16Furball2 June 2023
S04E17Threshold2 June 2023
S04E18Lift / Drag2 June 2023
S04E19Formation2 June 2023
S04E20Final Boarding2 June 2023

Watch Manifest Now on Amazon Prime | DVD | Blu-Ray

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