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Dominion is a post-apocalyptic television series that takes place 25 years after a war between the angels and humans. The archangel Gabriel has waged war against his fellow angels and has succeeded in killing archangel Michael, but his downfall is initiated when he is defeated by archangel Michael’s protege, Alex, who has become the Chosen One. The series depicts Alex’s journey to save humanity and restore order to a world now ravaged by war. Along the way, he meets and forms relationships with various characters, including a rebellious soldier, a power-hungry politician, and an angelic princess.

– Christopher Egan as Alex Lannon
– Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael
– Roxanne McKee as Lady Claire Riesen
– Luke Allen-Gale as William Whele
– Shivani Ghai as Arika
– Anthony Head as Senator David Whele
– Alan Dale as General Edward Riesen
– Carl Beukes as Archangel Gabriel
– Simon Merrells as Julian

First episode broadcast date: June 19, 2014
Final episode broadcast date: October 1, 2015
Total number of seasons: 2
Total number of episodes: 21

Dominion, set 25 years after a catastrophic war between humans and angels, depicts a world where humanity’s last hope is a Chosen One, Alex Lannon. The series is a continuation of the 2010 film “Legion,” about the war between angels and humans. The Chosen One is a mysterious figure who holds the power to tip the balance of the war and save humanity. The show is set in Vega (formerly Las Vegas), the city where humanity has made a final stand against the angels.

The series begins by introducing a power struggle between the two leading families in Vega – the Riesens and the Wheles. Senator David Whele is a cunning politician and a member of the ruling council of Vega. Lady Claire Riesen, daughter of General Edward Riesen, is his political rival and has her sights set on the same leadership position. William Whele, David’s son, is a hedonistic character who wants nothing more than to escape Vega and live a life of luxury.

Alex is introduced as a lowly soldier who discovers his true identity as the Chosen One, brought to Vega by Archangel Michael. Alex is unsure of his new role in life but is determined to save humanity, with the help of Michael’s mentorship and training. Michael, who is believed to have died in the war, becomes Alex’s guiding light and helps him understand the true nature of the war. The bond between Michael and Alex is a central theme of the show and develops into a close father-son relationship.

Alex also meets and forms a romantic relationship with Lady Claire Riesen. Their relationship is complicated by Vega’s political landscape, which creates an impossible situation as the two families they are a part of frequently clash.

The series’ primary antagonist is Archangel Gabriel, who believes that the death of humanity is the only way to restore order to the world. Gabriel has corrupted William and uses him to execute his plans of destruction.

Dominion’s storytelling is complex and engaging, with multiple subplots that add to the show’s overarching narrative. The series also explores themes of love, loyalty, and power, and how they intersect in a world where survival is paramount.

In conclusion, Dominion is a thrilling and well-crafted post-apocalyptic series that delves into the age-old battle between good and evil. Its well-developed characters, intricate plot, and stunning cinematography make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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