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Continuum is a science fiction television series that aired between 2012 and 2015. The show follows the story of a cop from the future named Kiera Cameron, who is accidentally transported back in time to present-day Vancouver along with a group of terrorists she had been pursuing. The show explores themes like time travel, artificial intelligence, and corporate power through its four seasons and fifty-six episodes.

– Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
– Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra
– Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler
– Stephen Lobo as Matthew Kellog
– Roger R. Cross as Travis Verta
– Lexa Doig as Sonya Valentine
– Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram

First episode broadcast date: May 27, 2012
Final episode broadcast date: October 9, 2015
Total number of seasons: 4
Total number of episodes: 56

The show opens with Kiera Cameron, a cop from the year 2077, arriving in present-day Vancouver after being transported back in time along with a group of terrorists. She finds herself stranded in the past without any of her advanced technology and sets out to stop the terrorists from altering history and thus changing her future.

To blend in with the present-day society, Kiera assumes the identity of a police officer and teams up with Carlos Fonnegra, a detective in the Vancouver police. Together, they attempt to track down the terrorists and prevent them from laying the groundwork for a corporate-controlled dystopia.

One of the key themes of the show is the impact of corporate power on society. In the future, corporations have gained immense power and influence, leading to a future where the average citizen has no power or agency. In the present day, Kiera tries to prevent the terrorists from creating a future where corporations have even greater power.

Another central theme in the show is the ethical dilemmas around time travel and the impact of changing the past. As Kiera gets to know people in the present-day, she realizes that her actions in the past could have unintended consequences in the future. Her attempts to prevent corporate power from taking over have far-reaching implications.

As the show progresses, Kiera teams up with a young genius named Alec Sadler, who has created a supercomputer called “The Halo.” The Halo has the power to predict future events with remarkable accuracy, making it a valuable asset in Kiera’s fight against the terrorists. However, as the series unfolds, it becomes clear that Alec’s motivations are more complex than they initially seem, and his actions have major implications for the future.

Throughout the show, Kiera also faces personal challenges as she grapples with the loss of her family in the future and her growing attachment to the people in the present day. Her character undergoes a significant transformation, as she begins to question her own beliefs and motivations.

Overall, Continuum is a thought-provoking and engaging science fiction series that explores complex themes through its characters and plotlines. It is a must-watch for fans of the genre and anyone who enjoys a sci-fi show with a strong emotional core.

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