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Caprica is a science fiction television series, and a prequel to the popular series Battlestar Galactica. The show is set on the planet Caprica, about 58 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica. The show follows the lives of two families – the Graystones and the Adamas – as they become intertwined in a world of corporate greed, political corruption, and religious fanaticism. The Graystones are a wealthy family who own a major corporation that specializes in virtual reality technology. The Adamas are a family from the planet Tauron who have immigrated to Caprica and become involved in organized crime. Their paths cross when the Graystones’ daughter, Zoe, creates a sentient artificial intelligence that is uploaded into a cybernetic body, which, when “killed,” resurrects itself in a new body as a result of copying the cybernetic mainframe libraries to new locations. The drama that follows explores the impact of this technology on society, and the moral implications of creating sentient life.

Eric Stoltz as Daniel Graystone
Esai Morales as Joseph Adama
Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone
Alessandra Torresani as Zoe Graystone
Magda Apanowicz as Lacy Rand
Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama
Polly Walker as Sister Clarice Willow
Brian Markinson as Jordan Duram

First Episode Broadcast Date: January 22, 2010
Final Episode Broadcast Date: November 30, 2010
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 18

Caprica is a bold and ambitious science fiction series that sought to expand on the well-loved world of the Battlestar Galactica franchise. The show takes place on the planet Caprica, some 58 years before the events of the original series, and tells the story of two very different families – the Graystones and the Adamas. At the heart of Caprica is the development and rise of sentient artificial intelligence, which is explored through the perspective of these two families.

The Graystones are a wealthy family who own a major corporation that specializes in virtual reality technology. They are led by the brilliant but socially awkward Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz), who is distraught following the death of his daughter, Zoe (Alessandra Torresani), in a tragic train bombing. Searching for a way to bring her back, he discovers that she had created a digital version of herself before her death that he can imbue with consciousness and incorporate into robotics. Daniel sees this as his chance to bring his daughter back to life, by putting her in a robotic body.

Meanwhile, the Adamas are a family from the planet Tauron who are involved in organized crime. They are led by Joseph Adama (Esai Morales), a lawyer who is trying to maintain his position as a respected citizen in Caprican society while also serving as a made man in the Tauron mafia. Joseph enlists the help of his younger brother, Sam (Sasha Roiz), who is a ruthless enforcer, to help him get a foothold in the world of organized crime on Caprica.

These two worlds collide when Zoe Graystone’s mind is downloaded into one of Daniel’s robotic prototypes, and the resulting being begins to exhibit both human-like behavior and unparalleled abilities. As the technology gains more prominence, the Graystones and Adamas become increasingly intertwined, creating a drama that revolves around corporate greed, political corruption, organized crime, and religious fanaticism.

One of the most compelling parts of Caprica is its exploration of the ethical and philosophical issues that arise as AI becomes increasingly advanced. At its core, the show asks fundamental questions about what it means to be human, and whether or not a being created artificially can have the same rights and autonomy as a biological human. The show also addresses the issue of mortality, and what it means to be alive. As a result, the narrative of the show is often dark, with a slow and thoughtful pace that is not afraid to delve into complex ideas.

Caprica was praised for its phenomenal cast, which was led by Stoltz and Morales. Stoltz in particular was a standout, bringing depth and nuance to his portrayal of Daniel Graystone’s descent into madness, as he becomes consumed with the idea of bringing his daughter back to life. Alessandra Torresani’s portrayal of Zoe, both before and after her digital afterlife, was also widely praised. Sasha Roiz shines as Sam Adama, a complex character who is both ruthless and loyal, and Magda Apanowicz is exceptional as Lacy Rand, a young woman who becomes involved in the darker, more dangerous aspects of Caprican society.

In conclusion, Caprica is a daring and thought-provoking science fiction series that is distinguished by its excellent cast, complex themes, and a willingness to tackle big questions about life, creation, and morality. While the show was unfortunately cancelled after only one season, it remains beloved among fans of the Battlestar Galactica franchise, and its legacy continues to inspire discussions about the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Caprica Season 1 Episodes:

  1. Pilot
  2. Rebirth
  3. Reins of a Waterfall
  4. Gravedancing
  5. There Is Another Sky
  6. Know Thy Enemy
  7. The Imperfections of Memory
  8. Ghosts in the Machine
  9. End of the Line
  10. Unvanquished
  11. Retribution
  12. Things We Lock Away
  13. False Labor
  14. Blowback
  15. The Dirteaters
  16. The Heavens Will Rise
  17. Here Be Dragons
  18. Apotheosis

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