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Dark Skies

Dark Skies is a science fiction thriller series set during the 1960s, revolving around the alien conspiracy theories and government cover-ups. The show follows John Loengard, a young government employee whose investigations into strange phenomena have led him to discover a vast and intricate alien conspiracy.

– Eric Close as John Loengard
– Megan Ward as Kimberly Sayers
– J.T. Walsh as Colonel Arthur Thomas
– Tim Kelleher as Jim Steele

First Episode Broadcast Date: September 21, 1996
Final Episode Broadcast Date: May 31, 1997
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 20

Dark Skies is a gripping sci-fi series that takes place during the height of the Cold War, in the 1960s. The show follows John Loengard, a young congressional aide whose investigations and research into unusual and mysterious phenomena leads him to discover a massive alien conspiracy, which he then sets out to expose.

John Loengard, played by Eric Close, is at the center of the show. He is a quick-thinking, smart, and resourceful young man who finds himself at the epicentre of a vast conspiracy to conceal contact with extraterrestrial life from the public. The show follows his journey as he tries to convince both his colleagues and the general public of the existence of this conspiracy. Along the way, he must confront the alien agents who are working to maintain the cover-up by any means necessary.

Megan Ward plays Kimberly Sayers, John’s partner, and eventual love interest. Kimberly is also drawn into the conspiracy through her work as a researcher, and she stands by John as he tries to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. Together, they face countless hardships and obstacles as they get closer to the truth.

Colonel Arthur Thomas, played by J.T. Walsh, is the military head of operations for the alien cover-up. His job is to maintain secrecy at all costs and will go to any lengths to do so. Due to his position and the nature of the conspiracy, he quickly becomes a thorn in John and Kimberly’s sides.

Jim Steele, played by Tim Kelleher, is a friend and ally of John’s who is instrumental in helping him with his investigations. Steele is a former CIA operative and provides invaluable assistance against the shadowy figures trying to prevent John and Kimberly from getting the truth out.

Dark Skies is an excellent example of the sci-fi genre, blending conspiracy theories, drama, and action with the intrigue of the 1960s Cold War. It is a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout its altogether too short one season, with surprising plot twists and turns and a vast array of interesting and engaging characters.

The show explores themes of government secrecy, alien life, technology, and the complexity of human relationships that are still incredibly relevant today. It is brilliant in its characterization, with an engaging and diverse cast of characters that are well fleshed out, and the show gives you a compelling look into the inner workings of a government conspiracy.

Overall, Dark Skies is a must-watch for fans of the sci-fi genre and anyone looking for a thrilling, riveting experience that thinks outside the box. It is exciting, entertaining, and will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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