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V (1983-1985)

In a world where aliens have come to Earth in peace, an FBI agent begins to uncover their true intentions. They are a race of reptilian beings who intend to enslave humanity and steal the planet’s resources, beginning with the human population. A group of human rebels rises up to fight against the alien invaders and defend their species from extinction. The show explores themes of resistance, oppression, and humanity’s struggle against an overwhelming and seemingly invincible enemy.

– Jane Badler as Diana
– Marc Singer as Mike Donovan
– Faye Grant as Dr. Julie Parrish
– Michael Ironside as Ham Tyler
– Robert Englund as Willie
– Richard Herd as John
– Blair Tefkin as Robin Maxwell
– Jeff Yagher as Kyle Bates

First episode broadcast date: May 1, 1983
Final episode broadcast date: March 22, 1985
Total number of seasons: 3
Total number of episodes: 19

V is a science-fiction television series that first aired in 1983 and ran for a total of three seasons. The show tells the story of an alien race that comes to Earth in peace, only to reveal their true intentions: they intend to colonize the planet, enslave humanity, and strip the planet of its resources. The show follows the story of a handful of human rebels who rise up to fight against the alien invaders, even as the odds of success grow ever more remote.

At the center of the show is Mike Donovan, an investigative journalist who becomes involved with the resistance after witnessing first-hand the alien’s brutal tactics. Michael Ironside plays Ham Tyler, a mercenary who initially allies with the aliens but later joins the resistance. Faye Grant is Dr. Julie Parrish, a molecular biologist who joins the resistance after discovering the aliens’ plan to manipulate the Earth’s atmosphere. Jane Badler plays Diana, the leader of the aliens, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

The show’s themes explore the nature of resistance and the limits of human endurance. The aliens, with their advanced technology and overwhelming power, pose an almost insurmountable threat to the human race. The rebels must continually adapt and evolve their tactics in order to survive, even as their numbers dwindle and they face betrayal from unexpected sources.

Throughout the series, the tension between the humans and the aliens grows ever more intense. Diana and her minions use every tool at their disposal to manipulate the humans and undermine their efforts, while the rebels struggle to stay true to their principles even as they grow desperate for a victory. The show also features a number of memorable alien creatures, including the Visitors’ shuttlecraft and the large, spider-like Keeper.

Despite its initial success, V struggled to maintain its momentum and was cancelled after just three seasons. Over the years, however, it has become a cult classic, thanks to its memorable characters, gripping storyline, and stunning special effects. It is considered by many to be a landmark in science fiction television, and its influence can be seen in such shows as Battlestar Galactica and The X-Files.

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