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Starman is a science fiction television series that aired from 1986 to 1987. It follows Starman, an extraterrestrial humanoid who comes to Earth and assumes the form of a deceased photojournalist named Paul Forrester in order to complete his mission of finding and collecting DNA samples of Earthlings.

With the help of Paul’s widow, Jenny Hayden, Starman travels across the country in their stolen car, evading government agents who are pursuing him, and encountering various people whose DNA he can sample. Over the course of the series, Starman learns about human emotions and relationships and develops feelings for Jenny, causing him to question his mission.

– Robert Hays as Starman/Paul Forrester
– Christopher Daniel Barnes as Scott Hayden
– Michael Cavanaugh as George Fox
– Cate Caplin as Jenny Hayden
– Patrick Culliton as Major Watt
– Anne-Marie Johnson as Officer Tracy
– Tony Perez as Captain Mendoza

First Episode Broadcast Date: September 19, 1986
Final Episode Broadcast Date: May 2, 1987
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 22

Starman was created by Bruce A. Evans and Raymond Gideon, and was based on the 1984 film of the same name, which starred Jeff Bridges. The series premiered on September 19, 1986, on ABC, and ran for one season, consisting of 22 episodes.

At the start of the series, Starman arrives on Earth in his spacecraft after receiving a radio message from Voyager 2. He takes the form of Paul Forrester, a photojournalist who had died in a car accident, in order to blend in with humans and complete his mission of collecting DNA samples. Starman possesses various abilities, such as the ability to heal wounds, alter his appearance, and communicate telepathically.

Jenny Hayden is initially wary and frightened of Starman, but eventually comes to believe that he is Paul’s reincarnation. She decides to help him collect the DNA samples he needs and evade the government agents who are pursuing him. They steal Paul’s car and travel across the country, encountering various people whose DNA Starman can sample. The two develop a close relationship over the course of the series, with Starman learning about human emotions and relationships.

The government agents pursuing Starman are led by Major Watt and Captain Mendoza, and include Officer Tracy, who is sympathetic to Starman and Jenny’s cause. They are determined to capture Starman and study him, believing that he is a threat to national security. Throughout the series, they get closer and closer to capturing Starman, but are always foiled by him and Jenny.

Starman is a show that explores themes of identity, humanity, and love. Starman’s journey on Earth causes him to question his mission and his own identity, as he begins to develop feelings for Jenny and becomes more attuned to human emotions. Jenny also learns to let go of her grief over Paul’s death and to move on with her life, thanks to her experiences with Starman.

The show was praised for its strong performances, especially by Robert Hays and Cate Caplin, who portrayed Starman and Jenny. The series also featured notable guest stars, such as M. Emmet Walsh, John de Lancie, and Bill Maher.

Unfortunately, despite its critical acclaim, Starman was cancelled after one season due to low ratings. The show has since gained a cult following and has been praised for its poignant exploration of what it means to be human.

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