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Star Maidens

Star Maidens is a British-German science fiction television series that follows the story of two male astronauts who accidentally land on the planet Medusa, a planet that is ruled by women and the male population is enslaved. The series revolves around the astronauts’ attempt to escape the planet while being pursued by the Medusan authorities who believe that the presence of men could threaten their society.

– Judy Geeson as Liz Becker
– Christian Quadflieg as Rudi Schmidt
– Lisa Harrow as Fulvia
– Dawn Addams as Octavia
– Gareth Thomas as Adam
– Pierre Brice as Shem
– Christina Raines as Varna
– Judy Bowker as Kara
– Christiane Krüger as Arina

First Episode Broadcast Date: September 9, 1976
Final Episode Broadcast Date: December 30, 1977
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 13

Star Maidens is a science fiction television series that was created by Eric Paice, a British writer, and shot in Germany by the production company Portman Film. The series premiered on British television in September 1976 and was broadcast on ITV’s Thursday primetime slot.

The series follows the story of two astronauts, Rudi Schmidt and Liz Becker, who are on a mission to explore the planet Medusa. However, their spaceship crashes on the planet and they find themselves in a world ruled entirely by women. The Medusans are a technologically advanced society, where men are considered inferior and are enslaved to do menial jobs. The arrival of Rudi and Liz creates a stir among the Medusans, as they see the male astronauts as a threat to their society and their way of life.

The two astronauts are soon captured by the Medusan authorities and are taken to the palace where they meet the rulers of the planet, the Supreme Councillors Octavia and Fulvia. Octavia is the leader of the Medusan society and is deeply suspicious of the astronauts and their motives. Fulvia, on the other hand, is more interested in the astronauts, especially Rudi, whom she sees as a possible mate.

As the series progresses, Rudi and Liz find themselves trying to escape from Medusa, while also trying to find a way to get back to Earth. They are aided by a group of Medusan rebels, who are opposed to the oppressive regime that rules the planet. The Medusan rebels consist mainly of women who are sympathetic to the astronauts’ plight and want to help them in their escape.

Star Maidens is a fascinating and challenging science fiction series that explores themes of gender, power, and freedom. The series was groundbreaking for its time, as it portrayed a society run entirely by women, where men were subservient and oppressed. The series also challenged traditional gender roles and stereotypes by presenting strong female characters who were in positions of power. The series was also notable for its innovative use of music, which was composed by Berry Lipman and featured a mix of electronic and classical music.

Despite its innovative and challenging themes, Star Maidens was not a commercial success and was cancelled after only one season. The series was criticized for its low production values and lack of character development, as well as its sometimes clumsy execution of the themes it was exploring. However, the series has since gained a cult following and is considered a notable entry in the canon of science fiction television.

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