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The Invaders

The Invaders is a science-fiction drama television series that aired from 1967 to 1968. The show follows architect David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) who discovers an alien invasion of Earth. He teams up with a small group of human allies to defeat the invaders, who are able to disguise themselves as human beings. The series is known for its ominous opening narration: “The Invaders: alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it their world.”

– Roy Thinnes as David Vincent
– Kent Smith as Edgar Scoville
– William Woodson as the narrator
– Diana Muldaur as Anne Gibbs
– Joseph Campanella as Ben Frazer
– Jack Lord as Vincent’s brother

First episode broadcast date: January 10, 1967
Final episode broadcast date: March 26, 1968
Total number of seasons: 2
Total number of episodes: 43

The Invaders follows David Vincent, a Boston-based architect who witnesses a flying saucer land on a deserted beach. He rushes to the nearest town to report the sighting, but no one believes him. Determined to uncover the truth, Vincent begins investigating and soon discovers that the aliens are already on Earth, disguised as humans and infiltrating society to prepare for the invasion.

Throughout the series, Vincent travels the country, trying to gather evidence of the alien presence and recruit others to his cause. He meets a few human allies along the way, including Edgar Scoville, a retired industrialist who lends Vincent his financial support, and Anne Gibbs, a young woman who becomes Vincent’s romantic interest and occasionally assists him in his missions.

Each episode follows a similar structure: Vincent finds evidence of the aliens’ existence, tries to convince others to believe him, and ultimately confronts the aliens in some way. The aliens themselves are seen only in brief glimpses, usually in their true reptilian form, but their human disguises are often exposed as facades that melt away to reveal their true nature.

One of the highlights of The Invaders is Roy Thinnes’ performance as David Vincent. His portrayal of a man obsessed with uncovering the truth is convincing and compelling, and he brings a sense of urgency and desperation to the character’s mission. The show’s sense of conspiracy and paranoia is also well-executed, with the aliens’ insidious infiltration of society echoing real-life Cold War fears.

While the show was ultimately cancelled after two seasons, it remains a cult classic among sci-fi fans. Its influence can be seen in later shows like The X-Files and Fringe, which also explore the idea of a government cover-up of alien activity.

In conclusion, The Invaders is a gripping, suspenseful sci-fi series that still holds up today. Its themes of alien invasion and government secrets are as relevant as ever, and Roy Thinnes delivers a standout performance as the show’s intrepid hero. Anyone who loves a good conspiracy theory or alien invasion story should definitely check out this underrated gem from the ’60s.

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