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Stingray is a British children’s television series that aired from 1964 to 1965. The show was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and it follows the adventures of Troy Tempest, a member of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP). Troy and his crew pilot Stingray, a super-submarine, as they defend the planet from underwater threats, such as the underwater city of Titanica and its ruler, the evil Titan, as well as the Aquaphibians, a race of amphibious creatures.

First Episode Broadcast Date: October 4, 1964
Final Episode Broadcast Date: June 27, 1965
Total Number of Seasons: 1
Total Number of Episodes: 39

– Don Mason as Troy Tempest
– Robert Easton as Phones Sheridan
– Ray Barrett as Commander Sam Shore
– Lois Maxwell as Lieutenant Atlanta Shore
– David Graham as Agent X20 and Oink
– Sylvia Anderson as Lieutenant Marina

Stingray is a groundbreaking children’s television series that utilizes marionette puppets, or what the Andersons called “Supermarionation.” As a result, the show’s characters exhibit lifelike movements and facial expressions that enhance the viewing experience. Despite its short run, Stingray has become a cult classic and an iconic part of British television history.

The show revolves around the crew of Stingray, a submarine that had been designed to protect Earth from sub-aquatic danger. The series takes place in the year 2065, and viewers are immediately thrown into the action when the WASP’s flagship, the Fireball XL5, detects an attack on Earth’s oil rig by an unknown assailant. The culprit of the attack is soon revealed to be Titan, the ruler of the underwater city of Titanica, who vows to take revenge on Earth.

The main protagonist, Troy Tempest, is a handsome and brave American aquanaut who pilots Stingray. He is responsible for leading the crew on their perilous missions and ensuring that they avoid Titan’s attempts to sabotage their efforts. Troy is aided by his close friend, Phones Sheridan, who serves as the communications officer for the ship.

Commander Sam Shore, the leader of WASP, dispatches Troy and his crew to track down Titan and his forces. His daughter, Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, is also part of the crew and contributes to the team by keeping them informed of important current events. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Marina, a mute marine biologist, also joins the crew of Stingray and provides vital assistance as the team’s specialist in underwater lifeforms.

The episodes of Stingray typically involve the crew encountering Titan and his minions, the Aquaphibians, creatures who have adapted to living in both water and air environments. The Aquaphibians are technologically advanced and have weapons that can match up to Stingray’s defenses. As a result, the crew must use their wits and valiance to defeat their enemies.

Overall, Stingray was a groundbreaking series that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in children’s television. Its use of puppetry and technical effects paved the way for shows like Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. The show’s enduring popularity has earned it a dedicated following even after all these years, solidifying it as a true classic of science fiction and puppetry.

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