Scifi TV Show Poetry

Westworld – a Poem


Welcome to Westworld, where dreams come alive,
A place where all of your fantasies survive.
A land of endless adventures and thrills,
A place where reality, death, and life stand still.

Here, you can abandon your mundane routine,
And immerse in a world that’s not what it seems.
Where cowboys, bandits, and outlaws still roam,
And the line between good and bad is unknown.

But beware, for in this place, there’s no turning back,
Once you enter, there’s no escape from the track.
For every decision has consequences,
And in this world, the devil is in the details.

So come on down and play the game of the rich,
And live the life you always wished to switch.
For in Westworld, you’re not just a guest,
You’re the master of your fate, and the rest.


The Westworld awaits,
A world without consequence.
What will you become?


In Westworld, you can be a star,
Or ride a horse and play guitar.
But beware of the hosts,
And the rules you must not boast.
Lest you end up behind bars.

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