Scifi TV Show Poetry

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – a Poem


The Clone Wars, a fight for the fate
Of the galaxy, with armies so great
Jedi and clones with the force on their side
Against the droid army they did collide

Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi Wan,
Against Count Dooku and Grievous they ran
A battle for peace, to end all the strife
In this epic story of their life

The force is strong, with both dark and light
And in this war, they fought with all their might
A never-ending fight for freedom they waged
For the future, their legacy they staged


Jedi and clones, fight
Against the droids in their plight
Force is strong, ignite


In the Clone Wars they fought without pause
With the force, they had no flaws
From battles in space
To planets they’d race
Their courage, a sight to give pause

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