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Star Trek: Voyager – a Poem


Star Trek: Voyager

In the depths of vast space, a daring quest,
A starship glides along, steadfast and bold.
A crew united, on a voyage blessed,
Seeking a way back home, their story told.

Led by Captain Janeway, strong and wise,
A beacon of hope through the endless night.
Through nebulous clouds and unknown skies,
They brave the unknown, seeking the light.

From the Delta Quadrant, they traverse,
Encountering wonders and peril untold.
Their unity, their strength, their voices rehearse,
Bound by purpose, they form a stronghold.

On Voyager’s wings, they sail away,
Exploring beyond the infinite blue.
As they face challenges day by day,
Their spirit endures, their dreams come true.


Distant starlight gleams,
Voyager’s journey unfolds,
Courage lights their path.


There once was a starship named Voyager,
Their mission led them further, further.
With Janeway in command,
They explored the great expanse,
Through galaxies, they soared with fervor.

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