Scifi TV Show Poetry

Orphan Black – a Poem


Fiery locks of hair, all alone she stands,
A defiant heart, a madwoman’s hands,
In her face lies power, in her eyes, strength,
She’s a fighter, a survivor, beyond all length.

In the shadows, she hides, a chameleon of sorts,
Shifting identities, changing cohorts,
Through science and deceit, she finds her footing,
Her life, her destiny, she’s never stopping.

Amidst the chaos, her sisters rally,
Together, they face their enemies, boldly,
A family bound by circumstance,
Their love, their unity, their massive defense.


Clone sisters unite,
One brave soul leads the fight,
Orphan Black takes flight.


There once was a clone named Sarah,
Her journey was never quite fair,
Fighting for her sisters,
Against evil misters,
She’s a hero beyond compare.

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