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Andromeda – a Poem


Andromeda, the maiden fair,
In splendor, she wanders the celestial sphere,
Adorned with stars, her beauty severe,
Her fate, a myth, forever to share.

She’s chained to a rock, a sacrifice awaited,
To appease the wrath of the gods, fated,
Perseus, her savior, to the rescue he hurried,
Her freedom, his sword’s stroke, he grated.

Andromeda, immortalized in the sky,
A constellation, twinkling up high,
Her beauty, forever will never die,
In our hearts, eternally will try.


Andromeda shines,
A beauty in the night sky,
Stars adorn her veil.


There was a fair maiden named Andromeda,
Her fate, to be chained to rock, oh how bizarre!
A hero named Perseus came,
With his sword, he broke her shame,
And freed her from her heavenly scar.

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