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Roswell Season 1 Episode 2 – The Morning After

Original air date: 13 October 1999


In “The Morning After,” tensions rise in Roswell as Liz grapples with the knowledge of Max’s extraterrestrial abilities and the consequences of their newfound connection. While Liz struggles to keep their secret, her friend Maria DeLuca becomes suspicious and confronts Liz about the truth. Meanwhile, tensions between Michael and his fellow alien, Isabel, escalate as they disagree on how to handle their secret identities. As the group tries to navigate the complexities of their dual lives, a mysterious UFO sighting sparks fear and curiosity among the residents of Roswell, threatening to expose the aliens’ presence and unravel their carefully guarded secrets.


“The Morning After” is a compelling follow-up to the pilot episode, deepening the intrigue and exploring the complex dynamics between the characters. The episode skillfully delves into the emotional aftermath of Liz discovering Max’s powers, showcasing the weight of their secret and the toll it takes on their relationship. The chemistry between the cast members continues to shine, with standout performances from Shiri Appleby as Liz and Jason Behr as Max. The tension between Michael and Isabel adds a layer of conflict, highlighting the diverse perspectives within the group of alien-human hybrids. The episode maintains a perfect balance between character-driven moments and the underlying mystery of their existence. With its intriguing plot developments and strong character development, “The Morning After” leaves viewers eager to see how the secrets and tensions in Roswell will continue to unfold.

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